Tuesday, November 11, 2014
Friday, November 7, 2014
For The Record- 2014 Local And National Election Info

For The Record- 2014 Local And National Election Info

Farmington Poll Results

Jean Shaheen 912
Scott Brown 957
1st Congressional District
Carol Shea-Porter 876
Frank Guinta 998
Maggie Hassan 917
Walt Havenstein 956
State Representatives
Strafford County #2
Rachel Burke 775
Joe Pitre 908
Martin Laferte 627
Joshua Whitehouse 1027
Strafford County Sheriff
David Dubois 953
Jerry DeLemus 840
Register of Deeds
Catherine Berube 759
George Estees 1036
County Attorney
Thomas Velardi 811
Thomas Velardi 898
County Treasurer0
Pamela Arnold

County Commissioners
Bob Watson 1576
Leo Lessard 1601
George Maglaris 1521

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014
You Have A Right To Vote

From GSP and NHCA:

Voting is the most important right because it is the right by which we protect all other rights. Every citizen, 18 years old or older, has the Constitutional right to vote. In particular, state and federal laws protect the right of college students to vote in the communities where they attend college as long as they meet the other qualifications for voting. If they prefer, students may vote where they lived before moving to college, either in person or by absentee ballot. Each person may vote only once in any election.

Important: You Can Vote Even If You Do Not Bring a Photo ID

A new law in New Hampshire requires that you provide a photo ID to vote OR that you sign a simple affidavit stating your identity, age, citizenship and where you live now. While it may be quicker to vote if you bring a valid photo ID, you still have a right to vote without one by signing an affidavit. The Attorney General’s office has issued a letter to all local election officials making this clear. If you are told you must have a photo ID or are sent to retrieve one, that is a violation of the law and we ask you to call our hotline immediately at 1-888-939-5932. Instead, if you don’t have these documents, an election official should offer you an opportunity to sign a sworn affidavit stating your identity, age, citizenship and where you live now.

Voter Intimidation Is Against the Law – Report It!

Voter intimidation and suppression is a serious crime. If you are the victim of voter intimidation or suppression, or witness it happen to someone else at a polling location, please notify the local election officials immediately and then call our hotline at 1-888-939-5932. We will dispatch voting rights advocates to the polling location to ensure that your right to vote and those of your fellow community members are protected. More information is available on this here.

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Saturday, November 1, 2014
Joe Pitre Wants to Take New Hampshire backward.

Rep Joe Pitre (R-Farmington)
Joe Pitre's votes hurt New Hampshire Families.  In previous sessions, Representative Pitre has voted consistently against the needs of his constituents and for the right wing extremist Koch fueled conservative,  libertarian, anti-government agenda.

The Farmington Democrats as you to please support Rachel Burke and Martin Laferte to represent Farmington's working families as State Representatives.  Burke and Laferte will work in Concord for your interests, not the Koch's agenda.  They understand and empathize with the struggles that working families have to face every day.  They are not taken in by the fear-based, anti-government policies of the Tea Party and it's Koch Brothers support.

Joe Pitre has consistently:

  • Voted to severely cut essential health services for the elderly and disabled.
  • Voted to gut the states college education system
  • Voted to provide corporate tax giveaways to big tobacco companies.
  • Voted to abolish the state minimum wage and opposed the NH Paycheck Fairness Act which ensures equal pay for equal work.
  • Voted against fixing our red listed roads and bridges to keep New Hampshire moving.  This bill was supported by the NH Business and Industry Association and various chambers of commerce.
  • Voted against high quality educational standards for our New Hampshire children.
On November 4th, please remember all that Joe Pitre voted against.  And all the special interests Joe Pitre has voted for.  

Support Rachel Burke and Martin Laferte to represent Farmington's working families as State Representatives.  Burke and Laferte will work in Concord for your interests, not the Koch's agenda.

For More Information
Joe Pitre's Voting Record on VoteSmart

Joe Pitre's Score Card on Ballotpedia

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Cataldo Attended Diploma Mill "University" for his "Degree"

Sam Cataldo (R-Farmington)
In State Senate District 6 (Alton, Barnstead, Farmington, Gilmanton, New Durham, and Rochester) the Republican candidate is the incumbent Sam Cataldo. Foster's reports Mr. Cataldo got his degree in Nuclear Engineering for LaSalle University Louisiana, and then worked at Vermont Yankee and Pilgrim nuclear power plants. Wikipedia, among others, lists LaSalle University in Mandeville, Louisiana, as a diploma mill shut down by the federal government. At such diploma mills, degrees could be purchased for as little as $5,000.00 with no work required.  Foster's, typically, has endorsed Mr. Cataldo for reelection.  The comments section of a Foster's article from the 2012 race brings up these concerns.

There is also a reputable LaSalle University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  If you check their available programs, you will come across evidence that they never offered a nuclear engineering degree and don't have any program that even mirrors that. Furthermore, Senator Cataldo is quoted in multiple articles, primarily in Foster's Daily Democrat, as claiming he went to the LaSalle in Mandville, LA.  Sam claims to have received the degree in 1995 before working at Seabrook. So why would Foster's support this man for Senate.

And more importantly, why should any of his constituents?

William Tucker has more about this in his recent post on Miscellany:blue.

Please vote for Rich Leonard in the upcoming election for Senate District #6.

Links on the Web

Sen. Sam Cataldo obtained Masters degree in Nuclear Engineering from notorious degree mill on Miscellany:blue

James Kirk diploma mills on Wikipedia

Diploma Mill Police: LaSalle University (LA) Distance Learning Accreditation Report on Get Educated

LaSalle University (Mandeville) Chronology

Cataldo for District 6 Senate Seat article Comments in Foster's Daily Democrat

State Senate District 6 Republican primary race pits Green against Cataldo in Foster's Daily Democrat

Senator Sam Cataldo (R-Farmington) on NH General Court Site

La Salle University (Philadelphia)

Image Credits:
Farmington Democratic Committee website.


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