About Us

Vision.   Action.   Community.

The Farmington Democrats believe that equality of opportunity can be achieved through community involvement, political action, and a shared vision of social justice.

The Farmington Dems website is an online resource and advocacy hotspot for Dems and indies in our locality. The site not only provides political and social information for Farmington citizens, but encourages progressive political and social movement at the regional, state, and national level. It also publicizes some of the policies and platforms of the Democratic Party and provides support for those initiatives as determined by our local chapter and its' membership.

The Farmington Democratic Committee is the representative body for all registered Democrats in the Town of Farmington NH, all of whom make up its membership.  The Committee advocates and promotes progressive legislation and the election of local, state, and national officials who support social, economic, environmental, and political progress, along with the equality of opportunity for all our citizens.  Our online and local presence not only provides information for the citizens of Farmington, but also encourages progressive movements in all of our focus areas at all levels of government.  Through community involvement, political action, and a shared vision, we seek to expand equity and opportunity for all residents of the Town of Farmington.  We firmly believe that equity of opportunity can only be achieved through progressive change that will advance our society towards shared values that promote understanding, education, acceptance, and equality.

The Committee meets monthly on the second Thursday of each month.  Locations vary, and we often meet in conjunction with the Milton Democratic Committee. Our meetings also vary between business and social meetings, as we will often meet at a restaurant in Farmington or Milton to share information and catch up.  We are involved in a variety of community projects that promote the betterment of Farmington and provide opportunities for all its citizens.  We maintain an active website, promoting upcoming events and issues in progressive thought and action.  The Committee seeks to advance our vision and message of equity of opportunity by recruiting and supporting candidates for our local and state offices that support our vision.  

We supported and maintained the Adopt-a-Spot at the intersection of Route 11 and Spring Street.  We hope you enjoy our attempts to beautify our Community.  In the past, we have supported the Farmington Community Gardens, the Puddledock Press newspaper, Local Candidate Forums, Hay Day booths, and a variety of other Farmington events where our towns people come together to share and collaborate for the betterment of Farmington. We encourage voting in every election and getting information out to voters so they can make informed choices when voting. 

Connect with Us
To link to us, please use:  www.farmingtonnhdems.org.
To link to our Facebook page, please use:  http://www.facebook.com/farmingtonnhdems
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Run for Office    
Farmington Town Elections are in March.  We elect positions on The Selectboard, the Budget Committee, and the School Board. We would like to fill these Boards with progressive voices with ideas that will move Farmington forward. We need strong, committed candidates to challenge the status quo that currently inhabits our boards and are doing nothing to advance the situation in our town, invest in it, or attract new families and businesses to move to Farmington.  The filing period for declaring candidacy is in January. We also have two seats in the NH House of Representatives, and we would like to get some progressive candidates to run for those positions as well. Elections are in November with the filing period in June.  We help with local candidate campaigns in a variety of ways that include financial, social media, and coordination.  Please consider running for office, if you are able, and let us know you are willing to run.  We will help you get elected.  

Likewise, if you do not have time or desire to hold office, and you might know of someone who does, please contact us and pass along the name, or contact the person you know and ask them to consider running for office.  Help us find and elect quality candidates that can move us forward.

Participate in Town Government   
Our Town has approximately 6500 people in it and our town meetings have fewer than 200 people in attendance.  Our school deliberative session has less than 50 people in attendance.  Those folks are making all the decisions for our town.  We need stronger voices that support change and investment in our Town to show up at these meetings and vote.  Likewise, if you do not vote in our local elections in March, please make every effort to do so.  Only by working together for the betterment of our community can we hope to overturn the stagnation that is currently in place.  

Help US Progress 
There is a lot of work to do.  Whether you are a registered Democrat, or an Independent, You are welcome at our meetings and activities.  We are hoping that, like us, you feel the need to stop the stagnation in our local government and want to see more support for our school district, library, and recreation department, among other things.  In order to foster growth and change, we need new ideas on our local boards and committees. We need you!  

You Are Invited and Welcome
Whether you are active politically, socially, in Farmington or not, the Farmington Democratic Committee wants you to know that you are welcome and invited to participate and become involved in our efforts to make our community stronger and our Town a better place for new families and businesses to come and make their homes. 

Take Action and Get Involved
The Committee seeks Farmington residents who share our vision to come forward and take action.  In the current political climate, both nationally, throughout our state, and within our town, is increasingly becoming more divisive and isolating.  The time for all concerned citizens to take action is now.  Action does not have to mean it takes a lot of time or energy.  There are a variety of ways that folks can take action.

Ways in which you can take action and get involved:
  • Become an active Farmington Democrat and attend our meetings.
  • Get to know some active Farmington Dems by attending our social events.
  • Keep informed about what we’re doing by joining our Farmington Dems  email list. 
  • Run for local positions in Farmington.
  • Run for Farmington State Representative.
  • Join a non-elected committee or board and help make decisions.
  • Vote in every town, state, and national election.
  • Attend town meetings and vote on budgets and warrants.
  • Attend the school deliberative session and vote on budgets and warrants.
  • Write letters to the editor, to the boards and commissions, and to the town administrator when necessary.
  • Follow the Farmington Democrats on Facebook, Twitter, and our webpage at www.FarmingtonNHDems.org.
  • Do whatever you are comfortable doing to help make a difference.
Spread the Word
Download our Farmington Democrats Invitational Flyer and share. The flyer can be printed back to back and folded into a booklet.

Contact Us
For general information please contact us at  FarmingtonNHDemocrats@gmail.com.
For the site administrator contact Kyle at outleft @ metrocast.net.

Support Us
If you would like to contribute to the Farmington NH Democrats please use our ACTBLUE account to easily donate. Just click on the ACTBLUE graphic below to make your donation.