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Wednesday, August 20, 2014
Farmington Hay Day 2014-Saturday August 23rd

We'll be at Farmington Hay Day once again this year. Same space, same booth. The theme this year is superheroes, so I think this Hay Day will really be fun. This year the FNHDems have two watermelons to raffle off as well as a few other items. We'll be selling our "Proud Farmington Democrat" pins and we will also have a variety of the "Thank Democrats" stickers for sale. We will also have some of the new #WeLoveCarol and #WeLoveJean stickers. We don't know which candidates will be there yet or which will choose to drop off literature, but each year at least three candidates show up and at least five candidates have information available. We always have free water available for those who pass by. Stop by and visit us!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Recap/Photos-SCDC Picnic A Great Success

It was a beautiful day for the SCDC Grow Local picnic. The SCDC EC organizers had done a great job of planning and making sure things moved along seamlessly. The sponsor list was incredible this year and I think they probably deserve credit for that as well. There was a large crowd this time that stayed for most of the picnic and everyone seemed to be having a very relaxing day. The food was great, but it always is. We don't all get to see each other often, or for very long when we do, so the annual picnic is the perfect opportunity to catch up with each other. 
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O'Malley Stumps For Shaheen In Somersworth

“I believe our country's on the threshold in an era of tremendous progress. But leadership is important, and leadership matters. And every single state matters,” he said. “Your ability to help our country hold the U.S. by reelecting Jean Shaheen is a critical part of that movement forward.” Governor Martin O'Malley

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Friday, August 15, 2014
Commentary And Quiz-Longstanding Myths About The US Social Safety Net

"Myths about the beneficence of the social safety net and the demographics of its beneficiaries are persistent, among libertarian tea partyers and (presumably) ultraliberal New York theater audiences alike. In the spirit of debunking some of these, I’ve compiled a few factoids that people often get wrong." Catherine Rampell

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Koch Brothers Are Moving Against Your Local Zoo, Transit, And School Board

What do a zoo funding in Ohio, a rapid transit system in Tennessee, supervisors in Wisconsin
opposed to an iron ore mine, a 1.5 percent food and beverage tax in Nebraska, roll back efforts aimed at integrating schools in North Carolina and that attempted to abolish educator tenure, all have in common? The Koch Brother oligarchs meddled with all of them.

"There is no issue we won't get involved in if you’re going to raise taxes." Eli Miller, director of the Ohio Americans for Prosperity chapter

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