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Thursday, April 28, 2016
The Frozen Smile: Photographs From The New Hampshire Primary

The Frozen Smile: Photographs from the New Hampshire Primary

Featuring Works by Jon Hill, Isaac Epstein, and John Tully

“The Frozen Smile” features the photographs of Jon Hill, Isaac Epstein, and John Tully. In these works you will see familiar faces not only of candidates but their prominent supporters and surrogates, reporters, staffers, and the all-important voters. The unifying theme is the Primary as we see it here in New Hampshire: up close, unvarnished, personal. The candidates are far from the makeup cake of the Fox News green room or the blinding klieg lights of the debate stage. We see them up close. We see them joyful. We see them exhausted. We see famous coifs battling the blustery gusts and snows of December. We see the wrinkles, the thinning hair, the way light reflects off their eyes. We see them elated and buoyed by the contagious energy of crowds; we see them dejected at loss. We see—like few others in American civic life—a little bit of the humanity behind the frozen smile. This show brings to life our collective Granite Stater experience as the talent scouts for the nation. \

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Jailed Jerry DeLemus, Charged In 2014 Bundy Case, Defended By @RepFrankGuinta

Rep. Frank Guinta  made an odd choice lately by recently defending Jerry DeLemus, specifically defending his character. Jerry DeLemus, is accused of being a "mid-level organizer, recruiter and trainer" of the armed Bundy militants. They were the group responsible for the armed conflict with federal agents that obstructed  the agents from fulfilling their duties around the Bundy ranch two years ago. DeLemus, of Rochester, NH, was arrested last month and then extradited to Nevada where he is being held with the other militants until trial. The group charges included conspiracy, obstruction, weapons violations and assault on a federal officer. DeLemus was specifically charged with various conspiracy and firearm offenses, for a total of eleven charges.

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Saturday, April 9, 2016
The Super-Rich Live In A Parallel World. Here's How We Bring Them Back To Reality


If we want to stop this, there are some steps that we can take. 

In the wake of the Panama Papers revelations, the obvious one is to increase transparency with respect to shell companies, and not take comfort in the fact that (so far) there seem to have been relatively few high-profile US celebrities like film director Pedro Almodóvar or footballer Lionel Messi whose names have popped up on the documents. US citizens may use other law firms, or other options

Congress has demonstrated it wants to crack down on average individual taxpayers. New rules mean that anyone owing the IRS more than $50,000 won’t be able to renew their passports and could have their passports revoked. Congress could go a step further, passing legislation that would require states to insist that real owners of shell companies disclose their names. 

The Incorporation Transparency and Law Enforcement Assistance Act, which would require states to collect information about the true owners and controllers of shell companies, is just sitting there, waiting for someone to act. Delaware, Nevada and other states that are making it so easy to set up shell company shops may object. But the Panama Papers have thrown the shell game into disarray and now is the time to act. Then, perhaps, we could move forward in creating a global registry of companies – another step in insisting that ultra-wealthy global citizens live in the same kind of transparent world that most of the rest of us already do.

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Representative Joshua Whitehouse Absent From Legislature Since Taking Job With Trump

Joshua Whitehouse Image from Facebook

"Since Farmington State Rep. Joshua Whitehouse accepted a paid position with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump last year, he has been noticeably absent from the state house this year, missing nearly 80 percent of votes this legislative session." Dave Andreesen Fosters Daily Democrat

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016
Platform Meeting @SCDCNHDems Wed April 20th at 7PM Rochester Community Center #‎nhpolitics‬

Platform Meeting @SCDCNHDems Wed April 20th at 7PM Rochester Community Center

 Just a reminder regarding the Quarterly meeting of the
Strafford County Democratic Committee on April 20th at 7:00 PM.

Representatives from the New Hampshire Democratic Party Platform Committee will be holding the hearing regarding the 2016 New Hampshire Democratic Party Platform.
This will be our opportunity for input into the NHDP Platform.

In addition we will be discussing local candidate recruitment and discuss the upcoming calendar.

FYI. Next @NHDems Platform meetings. Most seem to coincide with regular monthly meetings of town, city, county Dem meetings.

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Trans Lives Matter Visibility Tuesday April 19th at 7PM Market Square Portsmouth, NH #‎LGBTQ‬

Trans Lives Matter Visibility Tuesday April 19th at 7PM Market Square Portsmouth, NH

 With the recent discriminatory laws passed in North Carolina that is attacking our brothers and sisters rights and endangering their lives. Hosted by Occupy New Hampshire Seacoast

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