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Tuesday, October 17, 2017
SCDC Fall Social Oct 22nd- Sen Bernie Sanders Keynote

Senator Bernie Sanders (VT)

Sunday, October 22, 2017 from 4-6:30 p.m.
The American Legion Hall
551 Foundry Street, Rollinsford, NH
join us for Hors d'ouevres / Live Music / Cash Bar

Tickets:  $25 per person
(Save $5.00 and purchase your tickets by noon on Thursday, October 19, 2017)

We should have the ActBlue site activated for tickets soon.  If you mail your check no later than Monday to PO Box 247, Dover, NH 03820, we should receive it in time.

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Friday, October 13, 2017
‚ÄčTri-Town Democrats Sponsor Talk On Climate Change Oct 27th

We will host Dan Weeks on Friday, October 27, 6:00 PM for a Climate Change talk at the Emma Ramsey Center in Milton. 

New Hampshire is notorious for the high cost of electricity and our reliance on 85% imported fossil fuels, which cost the average NH household $11,500 a year and severely affect our environment, economy, and public health. The NH legislature and PUC recently made a series of policy decisions around net metering, rebates, etc. that will significantly impact NH's energy future. 

On October 27, at 6:00 PM in the Emma Ramsey Center in Milton, the TriTown Democrats welcome a presentation by Dan Weeks, a board member of ReVision Energy. Dan will speak about these policies and the pathways to energy independence as a state through solar and complementary breakthrough technologies. ReVision Energy is a local Certified Benefit Corp working with families, businesses, and policymakers to accelerate the transition to homegrown renewable energy and energy efficiency. ReVision considers public education an important part of their mission, and have made presentations to Rotaries, Chambers of Commerce, and other community organizations in the past. 

You can read some of Dan's recent writings on climate change and clean energy in The Concord Monitor  at
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Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Blasts From The Past- The #Museum Of #Farmington #NH #History

We wanted to let everyone know that the collections and archive information for The Museum of Farmington NH History is now online. Those doing the work on the project are all volunteers.  The physical museum and online museum are both operated by the Farmington, NH Historical Society. Right now the online museum has a limited representation of what is available in the full museum collection, but as time goes on, many more items are being added at regular intervals. They have thousands of items to photograph, research, and add to the online museum, so that will take quite some time to manage. It will also take additional time to build more complex exhibits and weave together the stories from people in town. Farmington has a rich history and this project ensures that everyone in town, and those outside, have the opportunity to learn about Farmington's past and present and the people that made it happen. 

Visit the Museum Of Farmington NH History

Visit the Farmington, NH Historical Society
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What's Going On In Farmington? Puddledock Press Calendar

We noticed that many new people move to Farmington during this time of year and are looking for easy ways to find out what is happening in our town or in the surrounding area. The Puddledock Press Around the Town Calendar is put together, via submission, by the Puddledock Press, the local town "good news,' non-profit, newspaper. It has an agenda view, month view or week view, depending on how you'd like to view the info. It lists local and regional events, nothing broader than that. It is a great way to find out what is going on. The Goodwin Library has a calendar and has a great number of events monthly for children, teens and for adults. Their events are free and open to the public. The Town of Farmington has a site with tons of general and specific information, and a calendar as well, with all municipal events, board meetings, etc included. The town also provides an option to be notified for various municipal happenings via e-mail and text message.  It is best to find any Farmington school information on the SAU 61 site. As you can imagine there is always something going on at one of the schools, their after school activities, or summer programs. Farmington also has two Facebook groups the Farmington Community News and the Farmington Community Forum. The main difference between the two, beyond the number of members, is that the News is for, just that news and information.The forum is the place for broader discussion or controversy. Many of non-profits in town have their own websites and social media pages and the town website has a page, created by the Economic Development Committee, devoted to a listing of businesses & services in town. We hope this will help you find some of the things you need. Welcome to Farmington, NH!

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One Action NH & ME Calendar

A Great tool and resource to help keep track of activities of progressive political interest in NH & ME. Check out the One NH Calendar for "...actions on civil rights, human rights, LGBTQ support, workers rights, environmental justice and more." You can submit your own events or subscribe to receive updates from other contributors.

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