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Saturday, June 24, 2017
What's Going On In Farmington? Puddledock Press Calendar

We noticed that many new people move to Farmington during this time of year and are looking for easy ways to find out what is happening in our town or in the surrounding area. The Puddledock Press Around the Town Calendar is put together, via submission, by the Puddledock Press, the local town "good news,' non-profit, newspaper. It has an agenda view, month view or week view, depending on how you'd like to view the info. It lists local and regional events, nothing broader than that. It is a great way to find out what is going on. The Goodwin Library has a calendar and has a great number of events monthly for children, teens and for adults. There events are free and open to the public. The Town of Farmington has a site with tons of general and specific information, and a calendar as well, with all municipal events, board meetings, etc included. The town also provides an option to be notified for various municipal happenings via e-mail and text message.  It is best to find any Farmington school information on the SAU 61 site. As you can imagine there is always something going on at one of the schools, their after school activities, or summer programs. Farmington also has two Facebook groups the Farmington Community News and the Farmington Community Forum. The main difference between the two, beyond the number of members, is that the News is for, just that news and information.The forum is the place for broader discussion or controversy. Many of non-profits in town have their own websites and social media pages and the town website has a page, created by the Economic Development Committee, devoted to a listing of businesses & services in town. We hope this will help you find some of the things you need. Welcome to Farmington, NH!

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Friday, June 23, 2017
Save The Date-SCDC Picnic- Sunday, July 23rd, 12 - 3PM

The Strafford County Democratic Committee will once again be holding our Annual Picnic to raise funds for our efforts to elect Democratic candidates in Strafford County. Please join us for food and solidarity and to meet and hear from our local candidates.

Date: Sunday, July 23,2017
Time: 12:00 -- 3:00 PM
Place: Miller Farm
51 Miller Road
New Durham, NH

See the event on Facebook

Tickets are only $20 per person prepaid $25 at the gate, $10 for Students and for children 12 and older and $45 for a family.

The money raised after expenses from our event will help pay for our mailings to all Strafford County Democrats and undeclared voters, as well as on voter registration efforts, handouts, and local candidate support via the City and Town Committees.

This is going to be a great opportunity to catch up with old Democratic friends and meet new ones. Mingle and meet while enjoying delicious locally sourced burgers and hot dogs, homemade salads and desserts. Catch up with what other county Democrats are doing and get to hear firsthand where your candidates stand on the issues.

Vegetarian and gluten-free options available!

You can count on every cent of our net proceeds going to elect Strafford County Democratic Candidates! Every election is important but this election could be the pivotal event determining where our country goes and what values are represented.

We'll also be having 50/50 raffles so make sure you bring cash and make sure you get your tickets early!

Sponsor the picnic for just $125 or whatever you want to donate. Sponsors will be posted on our appreciation board at the picnic, be posted on the Strafford County Democratic Committee website (with your approval). Sponsorships over $125 include 2 tickets. We are also offering a Seasonal Sponsorship for $300 or more which will get you tickets to all three upcoming events.

If you know of anyone that you think would be a sponsor please let us know! Or, If you are interested in sponsoring the event but have questions please contact us at

The preferred payment method is by check. They can be mailed to; Strafford County Democratic Committee,
PO Box 247, Dover NH 03821.

You can also buy tickets using a credit card via ActBlue at

Ticket Sales will not be accepted online or thru the mail after July 19th. Tickets will be sold at the gate depending on availability.

Email any questions to
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Update On The farmington Democrats Adopt-a-Spot

The Adopt-a-Spot is trimmed,fully planted, and mulched now. It looks great! The containers are full; we put in a mix of different things this year. We also started to put in the rock retaining wall along each side of the space. We we're about three quarters of the way done on that. Without it the soil and mulch has been washing away onto the street, as they only installed granite edgers on the ends of the space when it was put in. The retaining wall should prevent that. It also happens to look awesome! The daylilies that were donated from Les at Merrymeeting Daylilies are settling in. I'm hopeful they will bloom this year. We hope you enjoy our Adopt-a-Spot. We enjoy doing it!


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Tri-Town Dems Meeting-July13,  6:30 PM Emma Ramsey Center, Milton

Our next Tri-Town Dems meeting will be July13th at  6:30 PM at the Emma Ramsey Center in Milton. Please note the change in time from our regular meeting time of 7PM to 6:30PM. We may have a few guests, TBD. The agenda should be ready the beginning on next week. See you soon!
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Not Racist?-Remarks By State Rep. Joe Pitre Farmington NH

Quotes by NH Rep Joe Pitre from June 16th Fosters Article:

Pitre also said he “did not know the difference” between the white and black soldiers while he served in the military for 11 years.

“Matter of fact, I can remember a guy named Boone,” he said. “He was from New York City. One on one, he was fine. When he was with other blacks — you know, that was the ’60s. I understand that.”
Pitre said he only takes issue with someone if they treat him negatively. 

“There are some blacks that I like — some I don’t,” he said. “I don’t like some of their traits, some of them. You know, I choose not to be friends with them, but I’ve got white friends the same way. If I don’t like somebody’s attitude, that’s it. Like I said, it’s a mirror.”

Pitre also said the “black folks” for whom he has worked have told him he’s trustworthy and loyal. He also said he’s “seen great progress among some black people” he knows.

“They’re better educated,” he said. “Matter of fact, look at athletes. I mean, they express themselves very, very well — you know, most of them. Back in the old days, they could hardly speak. I remember Connie Hawkins. He was a great basketball player, but he couldn’t express himself.”

In reference to the Latino portion of Reaching Higher New Hampshire’s allegation, Pitre said he would never make such a statement because he has Portuguese heritage, which he said is of “Latino descent.”

“I wouldn’t slam my own,” said Pitre.

TBT: That time Rep. Joe Pitre emailed a totally not racist image to House colleagues

Farmington state rep says he’s not racist


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