Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bill Duncan:
There are almost 70 education bills pre-filed for the legislative session that will convene on January 7th:
  • Nine would change state policy on academic standards and the annual assessments.
  • Ten deal with charter schools, issues like funding, applications, use of district school facilities.
  • There are five data privacy bills.
  • Six are about education funding, such as adjusting the adequacy formula.
  • Four are about operations of the department of education, like requiring hearing or legislative approval before they take actions.
  • Four bills would make changes to school building aid. Seven deal with special education funding and policy.
  • Two bills are about the State Board of Education.
  • And there are many more on everything from early childhood to funding a coordinator of school nurses and the power of school boards to renominate teachers and reassign a student.
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