Friday, September 7, 2012

'This Is What The Election Comes Down To'... GOP Premise Is 'Not Who We Are'... 'This Country Only Works When We Accept Certain Obligations To One Another'

Obama: Climate Change Not A Hoax, Extreme Weather Not A Joke


Obama's Big Speech: It’s a Fight About Values

Joe Biden Speech At 2012 Democratic National Convention:
'Conviction. Resolve. Barack Obama'

Jennifer Granholm Speech Electrifies Democratic Convention Crowd 

Charlie Crist Tells Democratic Convention Obama 'Saved Florida' 

Gabrielle Giffords Leads Pledge Of Allegiance At Democratic National Convention

Amelia Boynton Robinson, 101-Year-Old Voting Rights Activist, Attends The Democratic Convention 

John Kerry Tears Apart Opposition

Zach Wahls Talks About His Family

Republican and Democratic Platforms, Then and Now
Different Themes
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