Restore EETT Funding

ACT NOW to Restore EETT Funding in FY 2013!

Schools have never needed funding support from the Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) program more than now.  EETT, the sole source of federal funding for education technology in our nation’s schools, has received no funding from Congress since 2010 and was once again left out of the President’s FY 2013 Budget. The unmet needs of our schools for hardware, software, technology professional development and IT support will only continue to grow. This is precisely the moment that Congress needs to help ensure that our schools are prepared for online assessments in 2014 and that our students are equipped with 21st century skills.  We need your help to wake them up to these realities!

Please send a letter to your Congressional leaders now to let them know about the vital services EETT provides to our teachers and our children. Ask them to fund the EETT program at least at the $100 million level in FY 2013 so that our students, teachers and administrators have the tools they need to learn, engage in professional development and implement the online assessments in 2014.