Local Action Alert-Legislators Concerned With Bill To Repeal Free Kindergarten

House Bill 631 is being presented to the House Education Committee today, February 8th. The bill proposes to repeal the requirement that all school districts offer public kindergarten. The Committee is scheduled to vote on the bill this Thursday.

When: Hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, February 8 at 3:00 p.m.

Where: Representative’s Hall

Action requested: Parents and child advocates are asked to attend the hearing and testify in opposition to HB 631. 

What you  need to know: The bill, if enacted, would take away the requirement of school districts to have public kindergarten. There is little time to act as voting will happen on Thursday, February 10. Your voice is important to this critical decision.

The Children's Alliance of New Hampshire is also asking us to:

Please call, write, send letters, send emails to the Education Committee, and express your opposition to this Bill.  Also, write Letters to the Editor expressing your concern to your local newspaper or enewsletter. It is particularly important for the Education Committee to hear from parents whose children had the opportunity to attend kindergarten and the impact it had on their children; also parents whose older  children  did not attend kindergarten and have seen the benefit that kindergarten provided for another child in their family. 

For more information, contact Rep. Mary Jane Wallner (mjwallner@juno.com) or Rep. Mary Gile. (mary.gile@leg.state.nh.us)