Covid-19 Archive 5 - Over 100K Deaths - Late May - 6/2020

Incalculable loss': New York Times covers front page with 1,000 Covid-19 death notices

Trump tees up controversy as he plays golf in a pandemic-President visits own golf club in Va as US coronavirus death toll approaches 100,000

Unemployment Claims Reach 38.6 Million in Worst U.S. Economic Crisis Since Depression

Rare inflammatory syndrome impacting children now in 25 US states, Cuomo says

Under Trump, American exceptionalism means poverty, misery and death

US critics of stay-at-home orders tied to fossil fuel funding

'A License for Neglect.' Nursing Homes Are Seeking — and Winning — Immunity Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Why we might not get a coronavirus vaccine

Mayo Clinic doctors find many COVID-19 antibody tests fail their quality standards: ABC News exclusive

Trump announces executive order ‘suspending’ regulations impeding US economy 

‘Turn back this wave of hate’: 100 writers call for an end to anti-Asian hostility

US passes 100,000 coronavirus deaths as states relax lockdown measures

Iowa touted its Covid-19 testing. Now officials are calling for an investigation

Sununu Reopens Indoor Restaurant Dining, Beaches, Weddings and Lots More

Scientists Frustrated Sununu Refuses Mandatory Mask Order

U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Surpass World War I Toll; Nine States Report New Highs for COVID Cases

We are documenting the lives of every US medical worker who dies helping patients during the pandemic. These are just a few of hundreds of cases

ICE Detention Centers Are Covid-19 Hotbeds
Pence claims the pandemic is on its way out. The numbers tell a different story, both in and outside of prisons.

Fauci Warns Of Troubling ‘Anti-Science’ Beliefs As Nation Battles Coronavirus


U.S. hits highest single day of new coronavirus cases with more than 45,500, breaking April record

US reopening plans reverse quickly amid alarming increase in coronavirus cases

European Union bars travelers from U.S. citing coronavirus concerns

Fauci testifies before Senate as states rush to reimpose Covid-19 curbs

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