Archive 2- March 20th- March 31st Covid-19 Info & News

Trump Admin Asks States to Keep Quiet About Jobless Figures

The federal government outbid states on critical coronavirus supplies after Trump told govs to get own medical equipment

U.S. intelligence reports from January and February warned about a likely pandemic

Surgeon General has coronavirus warning: 'This week, it's going to get bad'

Trump team failed to follow NSC’s pandemic playbook The 69-page document, finished in 2016, provided a step by step list of priorities – which were then ignored by the administration.

Record 3.3 million Americans file for unemployment as the US tries to contain Covid-19

How the Pandemic Will End

“In a Week We Will Be Italy”: NYC ER Doctor Says the U.S. Pandemic Will Only Get Worse

The Economic Devastation Is Going to Be Worse Than You Think

Who is most at risk in the coronavirus crisis: 24 million of the lowest-income workers

‘You wasted precious months when you could’ve taken action’ — governors slam Trump’s coronavirus response

COVID-19 among troops jumped almost 60 percent this week, as their rate surpasses the U.S. at large

‘I have real serious concerns’: Trump’s comments about coronavirus prompted this Johns Hopkins official to speak out

Most Renters Won’t Be Protected From Eviction Under White House Plan, Despite President Trump’s Promise

NYC Public Hospital Worker Warns ‘We Should Expect the Worst’ From Coronavirus

Unemployment Skyrockets as Estimated 2.5 million U.S. Workers Apply for Benefits in One Week

People with insurance could pay over $1,300 for COVID-19 treatment

The Stocks Senators Unloaded Before the Coronavirus Crash

 Coronavirus: Dow erases Trump presidency gains

Meet the all-female team working to create a COVID-19 vaccine in Maryland

DOJ Wants to Suspend Certain Constitutional Rights During Coronavirus Emergency

The Department of Justice has secretly asked Congress for the ability to detain arrested people “indefinitely” in addition to other powers that one expert called “terrifying”

'Oh Hell No': DOJ Using Coronavirus Crisis to Push for Expansive Emergency Powers

Just How Bad Is It? Here’s The Economic Damage The Coronavirus Will Cause, According To Major Banks

Internal Govt. Document Warns of 18-Month Emergency, 'Significant Shortages' as Trump Boasts of 'Fantastic' Response

 Solidarity Not Charity: Mutual Aid & How to Organize in the Age of Coronavirus

Spit On, Yelled At, Attacked: Chinese-Americans Fear For Their Safety

Trump Continues Calling the Coronavirus “Chinese” Despite Reports of Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

The upcoming job losses will be unlike anything the US has ever seen

Trump Won’t Order Vital Coronavirus Supplies Because Corporate CEOs Asked Him Not To

Georgia Covid-19 cases rise as Atlanta mayor warns hospitals are at capacity

US private health insurance companies clog system amid Covid-19 pandemic

Global COVID-19 Death Toll Passes 15,000 as Italy Drafts Military to Enforce Lockdown

Prepare For Outbreaks Like New York's In Other States, Warns Anthony Fauci

Doctors Warn of Gaza Strip’s Collapse After First Coronavirus Cases Surface

Hospitals Face Possibility of Instituting Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders for Patients Infected With Coronavirus

Cambridge virologist explains what we do and don’t know about Covid-19

Madrid’s Ice Rink Turned to Morgue as Spain Exceeds China in Coronavirus Deaths

800,000 Physicians Tell Trump Social Distancing Must Continue

Key Medical Supplies Were Shipped From U.S. Manufacturers to Foreign Buyers, Records Show

Deaths, intubations swamp New Orleans doctors in coronavirus surge

Coronavirus: Cost of ventilators soars from $25,000 to $45,000 due to surge in demand, says New York governor

Michigan governor says shipments of medical supplies 'canceled' or 'delayed' and sent to federal government

Hospitals Tell Doctors They’ll Be Fired If They Speak Out About Lack of Gear

Internal emails reveal Trump administration officials warned about lack of protective gear early on

18 Of The Fastest Growing Veggies You Can Harvest In No Time

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