Tri-Dems Messaging Event Recap

This past weekend the Tr-Dems(Farmington, Milton, and New Durham) hosted an event to help candidates for local office, who often struggle with how to craft messages that will resonate with potential voters. In this workshop, attendees explored how to use the progressive narrative to craft positive messages that will not only resonate with voters but also will showcase their values as a candidate. 
Our very own Stan Freeda was the presenter. We had thirteen people join us Saturday morning. We mixed and mingled, ate and had coffee, for about a half hour. A few of those in attendance were seasoned candidates, some were previous candidates looking to get back into office, and several were first time candidates. It took a little less than two hours to impart the matrix which came from a workshop at the Progressive Summit and provide some of the additional resources. You can find the presentation and the resources at the link below.

Anyone should be able to take the matrix we presented, put in their own issues and be able to use the created messages to give short speeches, develop candidate introductory flyers, add content to websites or social media, and write more effective and positive letters to the editor. In fact, the really great thing about the template we gave people, is anyone can use this method to create concise messages on just about any subject you can use facts to substantiate. 

We hope this is just one of many things we may be able to offer local citizens in the Tri-Town Dems area.