CACR 6-Call Your State Representatives

We did it. Against all odds, we've beaten back right-to-work and other attacks on New Hampshire's middle class. But one bad bill is still out there - and we need YOUR help to beat it back!

CACR 6 is a constitutional amendment that requires a supermajority of legislators approve any raise in fees, bonds, or taxes issued by the state. This is a risky idea that will allow Speaker O'Brien to maintain his grip on our Legislature - even once he's no longer in office.

The House is set to take up CACR 6 this Wednesday (June 6). Can you call your state representatives TODAY and ask them to vote NO on CACR 6? Click here to look them up. When you get to the page listing the representatives in your district, click on a representative's name to look up their phone number.

Here are the top five reasons CACR 6 will take New Hampshire in the WRONG direction:

  • CACR 6 will make it harder to attract businesses to the state by cutting deeply into the resources needed to make vital investments in education, transportation and research.
  • CACR 6 will mean steeper cuts to services we care most about. We've already seen major cuts to education, healthcare and public safety. CACR 6 would make those cuts permanent, and even force additional ones.
  • CACR 6 won't save you money. It will force local governments to pass fees and property taxes to pay for our schools and roads. That means more money out of your pocketbook, not less.
  • CACR 6 won't stop politicians like Speaker O'Brien from pursuing their own agenda and pet projects - they'll just make it harder to protect the priorities that you care about.
  • Tax caps like CACR 6 are proven failures. Colorado adopted the same law in 1992. It cut deeply into programs that voters cared about, stalled their economy recovery and upset local businesses.

We need common sense reforms, not unproven, risky limits. Please take a moment to call your state representative to ask them to vote against CACR 6 - you can look up your representative's name and phone number here.

Thank you for supporting Granite State working families. We're nearly at the end of this legislative session, and with your help we can end it on a better note.

In solidarity,

The Protect NH Families Team