Two #FarmingtonNH Residents Running As Dems For NH State Legislature

There will be two people running for the New Hampshire State Legislature as Democrats this year! 
Dorinda Howard, formerly Dorinda Kelley, and Emmanuel “Manny” Krasner both filed for office on June 8. Dorinda is a lifelong Farmington resident. She is a retired librarian who served as Head Librarian at the Goodwin Library in Farmington before moving on in her career. Manny is recently retired from his law practice in downtown Farmington after more than 40 years. He is currently Chair of the Farmington Trustees of Trust Funds, and has served as Town Moderator, and both Secretary and Chair of the Planning.Board.
The;y are both committed to doing what is best for their community beginning with stopping the shifting of State responsibilities onto the local property tax payer. Relief from the high, and rising property rate for local property tax payers will be their highest priority.
 Update August 7,2022
Hello Fellow Farmington Resident,

Our State Representative Elections are coming up in November. As you may recall, the last time, our candidate, Manny Krasner, came within 23 votes of winning in our heavily red district. This time we believe we can win. Here's why.

First, we have two qualified candidates running for our two seats: Manny Krasner and Dorinda Howard.  Manny has long served Farmington in several capacities over the years: Town Moderator, Planning Board, Library Trustee, and Trustee of the Trust Funds. Rindy was the Director of the Goodwin Library for many years. In this campaign, We will make better use of social media and Rindy and Manny will be out knocking on your doors, asking what you would like to see from your State Representative, and what issues concern you the most about Farmington and our state.

Second, With no presidential election, it will make our voters focus on our local candidates, and their concerns about the future of New Hampshire. 

Finally, with democracy itself on the ballot, Democrats and independents should be motivated to turn out at the polls and vote. This will be Manny's third run for State Representative, and Rindy's first. We can win.  But we can't win without you. You are the key.  The voter is always the key!

Here are some ways you can help us move Farmington and New Hampshire into a more successful future.
  • Spread the word.  Follow our candidates and the Farmington Democrats on Facebook.  Like and share their comments and posts.  Comment on them.  Talk to your friends and neighbors about this election and how important it is that we get good Representatives in Farmington and New Hampshire.
  • Help us.  If you have time, help our candidates work on their campaign.  Attend a Farmington Dems meeting and meet other like minded individuals, see what we're up, and join in as you can.  
  • Donate to the campaign.  We know there are many demands on your finances and that many good causes and good candidates are asking you for help. 
We know that down ballot races are crucially important, both for the way the outcomes directly affect people’s lives, and for the impact they have on the system. The State Legislature has enormous power on issues ranging from property taxes, women’s health care, and family medical leave, to the conduct of elections and the voting rights. That power should be used to benefit the people who live here, and to preserve and extend our democracy. We need Representatives who will speak up for ordinary people, not corporations. Manny and Rindy will do that. 

Help us. Help our candidates. Help Farmington.
We're all in this together.  And the only way we can be successful is to work together to preserve our Democracy and our Town. 

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Useful Links: Please keep these links handy and use them to help us as you can.