Upcoming Meetings, Farmington Dem Caucus, & Town Elections In March

Virtual Meeting Attendance 


Note:  We will not hold our January meeting.


We will schedule a virtual meeting for Thursday, February 11, 2021 and will hold our Farmington Committee Caucus on Thursday, March 11, 2021, where we will elect our officers for the next two years. 



Farmington Democratic Committee Caucus


We will hold our caucus on March 11, 2021.  To prepare, we will have to do the following:

  • By February 24:  14 days prior to the date of the local caucus- Notifying the NHDP of the caucus and posting the caucus

  • March 31st- Last day to convene a local caucus. 

  • April 7th- Last day for the NHDP to receive local caucus results. 


If you are interested in running for one of our officer/delegate positions, and are a registered dem, please us know.  Farmington has 6 positions: our 4 officers, and 2 at large delegates.

We will set our candidates for office and move forward with the announcements, etc, at our February 11 meeting. 



Town Elections in March


The upcoming Town and School Election will be held 3/9/2021.
The filing period is 1/20/2021 - 1/29/2021. There will be Declaration
of Candidacy forms available in the Town Clerk - Tax Collector's office
beginning 1/20/2021.
You must be a registered voter for the Town of
Farmington and bring a Government issued photo ID with you to the Town
Clerk's Office and sign up in person


As you know, March elections are coming up, as is our Town Meeting.  Here are the terms that are expiring in March.  


Selectmen - 2 seats up - Dave Connolly and TJ Place 


Budget Committee - 4 seats are up - Elizabeth Johnson, Samantha Place, Blanche Tanner, and Robert Morgan

School Board - 1 seat is up - Stan Freeda

Trustee of the Trust Funds  - 1 seat is up -Joe Pitre 


Full list:


Selectman for 3 years - (2)
Budget Committee for 3 years - (3)
Budget Committee for 2 years - (1)
Town Clerk - Tax Collector for 1 year - (1)
Town Treasurer for 1 year - (1)
Trustee of the Trust Funds for 3 years - (1)
School Board for 3 years - (1)
School Clerk for 1 year - (1)
School Treasurer for 1 year - (1)
School Moderator for 1 year - (1)


Town Election Day is always the 2nd Tuesday in March. Town Meeting is always held the Wednesday after town election day.