NH Against Trump Protest - Saturday Canceled

NH Against Trump

Donald Trump has postponed his planned rally tomorrow in Portsmouth, citing “weather concerns”. Rain or shine, we are prepared to make our voices heard. When his campaign reschedules this event, we’ll be there to protest it.

When we say hate has no home here, we’re talking about you, Donald J. Trump.
This won’t be the first time a white supremacist has planned a rally on New Hampshire’s Seacoast, but we will be ready to make our voices heard.

This will be a ***peaceful*** protest before Trump is scheduled to speak. Please do not utilize any kind of intoxicants or firearms.
We are working to coordinate medical professionals and peacekeepers.

Please be prepared for armed opposition. Please wear a mask and social distance. Signs are welcome!

We will not be silenced.
NH is too important.
Please share with allies far and wide!

We will be gathering in the lot/grass across the street from the Seacoast Media Group Building. Be prepared for rain.

For press: Samantha@BLMNashua.com AND BLManchesterNH@gmail.com
To volunteer as peacekeeper/marshall or medic: DayOfActionNH@gmail.com