Local #FarmingtonNH Candidate Answers Updated At Puddledock Press

  From the Puddldock press:

"About the Process
The Puddledock Press believes that every candidate should have the opportunity to submit their thoughts and let the voters know who they are and what they believe. To that end, each candidate is emailed a personal invitation, including the question, to submit their answers or statements. Candidates were emailed at the email address provided to the Town when they filed for candidacy. Candidates who do not provide an email address are sent their invitation through Facebook Messenger, if they have a Facebook profile. Candidates for School Board, Selectboard, and Budget Committee are invited to participate. We only ask the candidates for the three main Boards, not the other positions. However, any candidate who sends a statement would be posted on this page. This is the process the Puddledock Press has followed each year, since we began this program. As always, we encourage participation in the program, and also invite community members to submit any questions that they would like to be added. If appropriate, they will be added to the list."

 View candidate answers for School Board, Selectboard, and Budget Committee