New Hampshire Primary Day- Tuesday, February 11th 2020

Tuesday, February 11th

 New Hampshire Primary
 Don't forget to vote!

 Old Town Hall(Recreation Dept building)
Polls are open 8AM - 7PM

2020 Dem Primary Sample Ballots

       Process for voting and same-day registration:

o   Everyone in line by 7:00 p.m. has a right to vote (and register) – remain in line; even if you finish after 7:00 PM, you will have the right to vote (and register).

o   A separate line will form for those who need to do same-day registration – announce your intent to register, and make sure you live in the ward where you are registering to vote (some towns and cities have multiple wards/polling places).

o   Even if you did not bring documentation to register to vote, and even if you did not bring photo ID to vote, you may still vote, and your vote will still count.

o   Depending on which documents you did not bring, you will be asked to fill out and sign a sworn statement, (known as an “affidavit”). If you did not bring a valid photo ID, your picture will also be taken (unless you have a religious objection).

o   “Undeclared” voters have a right to vote in the Democratic Primary by requesting a Democratic ballot (thus “declaring” as a Democrat for the Election). After voting, you will have the option to fill out a form, available at all polling stations, which will immediately change your status back to “undeclared.”

o   Ballots are filled out with pen and paper – fill in the oval next to your preferred presidential candidate in black ink. If you make a mistake (e.g., you fill out the wrong oval, or made errant marks), you have the right to request another ballot.  However, if the intent of the voter can be discerned, then the ballot will count.

       Rules against “electioneering”:

o   You may not try to persuade anyone to vote for a particular candidate (including by displaying or wearing any campaign signs, clothing, stickers, or buttons) inside the polling place building or within a 10-feet wide corridor extending from the entrance
doors, as determined by local election officials. RSA 659:43.  Do not wear any campaign gear to your polling place.  If you accidentally wear campaign gear, you must cover up any campaign clothing (or turn it inside out) while you are in the “no-electioneering zone,” including while waiting to vote.

o   Individual towns will set rules on where campaign signs may be placed outside of the no-electioneering zone; follow instructions provided by local town officials.

       Observing voting; counting ballots; guardrails:

o   Each polling place will have “guardrails” which prevent anyone from approaching within six feet of the voting booths or ballot box (where filled-out ballots are placed) unless they are in the process of voting, or they are an elections official.

o   Any person has the right to observe voting so long as they are outside the guardrails and more than five feet away from the registration table.  Any registered voter (from that same ward), elections official, or appointed “challenger” may challenge someone’s right to vote, but the voter may still vote by signing a sworn “challenged voter affidavit” (similar to voting without photo ID).

o   Any member of the public may observe, from outside the guardrails, the counting of ballots (which takes place within the guardrails and which must be public).