Wednesday, September 13, 2017

We wanted to let everyone know that the collections and archive information for The Museum of Farmington NH History is now online. Those doing the work on the project are all volunteers.  The physical museum and online museum are both operated by the Farmington, NH Historical Society. Right now the online museum has a limited representation of what is available in the full museum collection, but as time goes on, many more items are being added at regular intervals. They have thousands of items to photograph, research, and add to the online museum, so that will take quite some time to manage. It will also take additional time to build more complex exhibits and weave together the stories from people in town. Farmington has a rich history and this project ensures that everyone in town, and those outside, have the opportunity to learn about Farmington's past and present and the people that made it happen. 

Visit the Museum Of Farmington NH History

Visit the Farmington, NH Historical Society
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