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  Archive of coverage post #Charlottesville, forward. This post covers 2017.

Editorial: How will you respond to hate groups?

Three men charged in Charlottesville attacks on counterprotesters


More People Refuse To Work With Trump Thanks To His Charlottesville Remarks -

A white supremacist from Keene, N.H., is wanted for arrest on charges in Virginia, according to authorities.

Once again, Trump glorifies confederate figures & history-said "sad to see" confederate monuments being taken down

PayPal shuts down access for Richard Spencer, other right-wing extremists

  Squarespace is dropping Richard Spencer’s think tank and other “alt-right” websites

Trump’s entire business advisory council -17 top CEOs -- has resigned in response to his remarks on Charlottesville.

  Two Bush presidents condemn 'racial bigotry' amid Trump backlash

 Survivor of White Supremacist Attack in Charlottesville: There's No Question, This was Terrorism

New realdonaldtrump video names journalists -- not Nazis -- as ‘enemies’ 

‘You will have to shovel our bodies into the oven, too’: Father of Charlottesville neo-Nazi disowns him

Trump glorifies confederate figures & says some people carrying nazi flags and making nazi salutes are not nazis.

  Republicans denounce bigotry after Trump's latest Charlottesville remarks

Trump cut funds to fight anti-right wing violence

Congress' longest serving World War II vet vows to fight Nazis again after Saturday's tragedy

President's first Trump Tower homecoming met with mass protest

Heather Heyer, victim of Charlottesville car attack, was civil rights activist

Trump condemned hate "on many sides." Here are some stats about hate groups: There are 130 active KKK groups in US.

What We Know About James Alex Fields, Driver Charged in Charlottesville Killing

Social media users slam Trump over Charlottesville

 Car crashes into peaceful anti racist protesters in Charlottesville.