Farmington Town Players- Mobile Home Sweet Home-June 17 & 18th

The Farmington Players will produce this two-act comedy, full of oddball characters, and will have you laughing and falling in love with everyone at Hampton Court Trailer Park. June 17 and 18th. Doors open at 6:30. $8.00/$5 children under 12.

“How’d you like to be on television?” This question, posed by future daughter-in-law Anne, takes Loff DuVall by surprise. After all, he and May June had been running the Hampton Court trailer park for more years than either would care to admit. The last thing he’d want now is to be in some reality TV show. In fact, he was hoping he and May June could get away for a while, take a long vacation from the place. He wouldn’t have to listen to Goose Halford’s long stories, such as how his grandpa has a metal plate in his head. “The kids used to catch him asleep and put ‘frigerator magnets on his forehead,” he confides in Loff. Or having to help Lydia Spagway’s grandkid who just got her hand caught in a toilet. Add to this Rhonda DeFalco’s gossip, Vonell Rafferty looking for buried treasure with her metal detector, and Etta Frobisher’s threat to close down his business, he’s really at the end of his rope. But Anne’s idea, coupled with the fact she’s practically engaged to son, Larry, shows Loff a way out. Except that, for the show to succeed, Loff can’t leave! Throw in a conniving producer, a retired lieutenant colonel and everyone showing up looking like run-over hillbillies and Loff or May June just don’t know what’s to become of them, their tenants, or the trailer park.