Tuesday, July 21, 2015

This past weekend Moose Mountain Area Democrats hosted their annual Daylilies & Democrats
get together in Brookefield. The weather that day was wet and dreary for most of the day, which hampered turnout, but everything seemed to clear up once the event was to start and the sun actually came out later on. The Daylilies are a dreamlike firework show that would dazzle just about anyone, but the real stars of the event are the people who attend each year. There is a lovely buffet and more delicious, food than you could ever eat. The Hilary, Bernie, and O'Malley campaigns were there and each only spoke briefly, which was fine. Two other speakers that were great crowd pleasers were the always energetic Carol Shea Porter and the witty John R. White. Both kept their addresses short and to the point. If you missed the event this year, don't fret, it is held around the same time each year, so plan ahead and save the space on your 2016 calendar. I hope you enjoy the photos!

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