Wednesday, April 1, 2015


WHEN:  TOMORROW, Wednesday, April 1, 2015  9:30AM

WHERE: STATE HOUSE - 2nd Floor; Outside of Representatives Hall

NH Citizens Alliance for Action

Protect NH Communities

Right-wing activists in the New Hampshire House and Senate want to pay for generous corporate tax cuts by slashing health and safety programs that protect Granite State communities. The proposed cuts are politically-motivated and far exceed the moderate cost reductions needed to balance the state's biennial budget. The deepest cuts would hurt the sick, the elderly, and the homeless, but it gets worse: the latest plan would force the Department of Transportation to lay-off nearly half of the workforce that plows our highways and maintains our aging roads and bridges.

Why? It's not because these reckless politicians care about creating jobs or reviving the “New Hampshire Advantage.” It's not because they value New Hampshire families and communities. No: these hard-core ideologues are trying to score political points with their tea-party supporters and the shady special interest groups they hope will fund their next election campaign. And they are willing to gut critical health and safety programs and downshift costs onto homeowners and towns to make it happen.

Please take action to STOP the reckless and unnecessary budget cuts proposed by the New Hampshire House and Senate by adding your name to our petition and contact your reps if you have not already done so.

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