Friday, September 12, 2014

Rachel Burke

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Rachel Burke is running for her fourth term as a State Representative. Born in Dover and reared in Somersworth, Rachel lived in Farmington for 19 years. A shoe factory worker for over 32 years, Burke was a proud member of the United Shoe Workers of America. Early activity on the Committee on Political Action, a member driven union committee, developed her interest in politics.

During her time as a Representative, Burke served on the State Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs and Education Committees. She passed legislation that improved education for New Hampshire’s youth, including raising the dropout age, defining adequate education, and instituting kindergarten.

When she is re-elected, Burke wants to continue her work to improve the state’s infrastructure, traffic, and public school systems. She is a strong defender of women’s health and reproductive rights, and is an advocate for supporting the rights of working families over special interests.

Also vote for Candidate- Martin Laferte for NH State Representative.
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