Recap/Photos-SCDC Picnic A Great Success

It was a beautiful day for the SCDC Grow Local picnic. The SCDC EC organizers had done a great job of planning and making sure things moved along seamlessly. The sponsor list was incredible this year and I think they probably deserve credit for that as well. There was a large crowd this time that stayed for most of the picnic and everyone seemed to be having a very relaxing day. The food was great, but it always is. We don't all get to see each other often, or for very long when we do, so the annual picnic is the perfect opportunity to catch up with each other. 
About half way through the speakers began to assemble and Dana Hilliard directed everyone through that portion of the event. He was the one of the most enthusiastic MCs we have ever had. Lots of energy, lots of excitement. Hopefully that's contagious because we'll need plenty of both. We heard from Senator Shaheen, Councilor Van Ostern, and Councilor Pappas. After that the rain clouds threatened us during the moving key note address from Maryland Governor, Martin O'Malley. No one seemed phased by the threat of rain. I'll leave you with the following quote from Governor O'Malley.“I believe our country's on the threshold in an era of tremendous progress. But leadership is important, and leadership matters. And every single state matters.”