Farmington Dems And Friends Support The North Country And Hands Across New Hampshire

On September 1st, from 3:00 - 3:30, good people from Farmington and the surrounding area came together at the intersection of Route 11 and 153 to show support for the North Country and bring awareness of Northern Pass to the passersby on the roads, and the community in general.  Hands Across New Hampshire is a peaceful, nonviolent, family friendly event in solidarity against Northern Pass and Trailbreaker.  The event was planned to take place on Saturday, September 1, 2012 from 3-3:30p.  The Farmington Democrats decided to support Hands across New Hampshire at our last committee meeting and plans were finalized and set in motion following our Hay Day and August 30 Day of Action projects.  Members of the Farmington Committee understood the importance of taking action against the Northern Pass project, and agreed with the purpose and goals of Hands Across New Hampshire.  The purpose of the Hands Across New Hampshire Day was to bring awareness of the need to protect our forests, farms, villages, and the ancestral lands and natural beauty of New Hampshire.

The goals of Hands Across New Hampshire:

  • To preserve the natural beauty crucial to tourism, New Hampshire’s number 1 industry
  • To support the rights and needs of citizens over corporate profits
  • To encourage local green energy initiates over foreign energy
  • To promote public health, responsible citizenship, and democracy in action

The event in Farmington was posted on the Farmington Dems Events Calendar, our our Facebook page, as well as on the Hands Across New Hampshire website and Facebook page.  Local residents of other communities, also interested in supporting the protest against Northern Pass came to join our Farmington group and were welcomed.  Northern Pass is a 180 mile project proposed by PSNH to bring power to Massachusetts and Connecticut from Hydro-Quebec. The project will scar the New Hampshire landscape with over 1000 towers up to 140 feet from Pittsburg to Deerfield.  This project would not only scar our land, but could also threaten our natural ecosystems, spoil our pristine views, reduce our tourism business, and set precedents for corporate takeover of public and private lands by eminent domain.  All of which threatens our New Hampshire advantage.

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