Vocal And Visible-Let's Go After Corporate Tax Dodgers Today

Tax Day Action: Say NO To Tax Dodgers And Cheats

Today, Tuesday April 17th
4:00 - 6:00 pm
  • Lower Square, Dover, NH
  • Rte 153/11 Intersection, Farmington, NH
  • A city or town near you? Make it happen! 

Under the Romney-Ryan budget, millionaires and huge corporations will be given even more tax breaks. But essential help for working families, military service personnel, students, vets, seniors and the poor will be cut drastically and thousands of workers will be laid off.

On Tax Day — Tuesday, April 17 — across the nation we’ll raise our voices to demand the 1% pay their fair share. It’s time to overhaul the tax code to reflect the needs and values of America’s majority.

There are 27,000 millionaires in New Hampshire who, as a percentage of income, pay much less than we do.  In effect, we subsidize the wealthy, because they get the same benefits, but don't pay their fair share.  Romney's income is $21 million per year, on which he pays 13.7 percent in taxes.  That's because the mega-wealthy wrote the laws that say if your income is derived from investments, you pay less in taxes.  So the wealthy write the laws to protect the income that can only be derived from wealth.  Money makes money.  Wealth creates greater wealth.  The bottom 99 percent have no more spending power now than they did in 1973 ... adjusted for inflation median income in 1973 was approximately $31,000.  Today it is $29,000.  David Cay Johnston; Free Lunch.

We are tired of hearing that our country is broke and that we can't afford to provide basic services to those who need them.  Recently, the New York Times ran a story about training funds for the unemployed drying up, while we hear friends talk about extensive and ever expanding health care premiums that cover less and less.  Some of our friends have no coverage at all.  All this while wealthy corporations and CEOs are raking in billions and paying the lowest tax rates in modern history on their income.  In fact, when GE finalized its 2010 tax return in November, 2011, it paid NO INCOME TAX on profits of over $14 billion.  And no, that is not a typo!
So, in Strafford County, we plan on being vocal and visible to gain awareness and hopefully do something about it.

We invite you to participate and hope you'll join us.  We encourage you to organize and participate in your own local Tax Day Visibility in your home town or locality.  But, if you just want to join one already planned, we have from which you can select.

What: Tax Day visibility to protest wealthy tax dodgers. 
Where:  Lower Square (Washington St), Dover, NH
             Intersection of Routes 153 and 11, Farmington, NH
When: 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Tuesday, April 17 
Who:  YOU and everyone you know who cares and wants this injustice to stop!

Please, please forward this to your progressive friends and encourage them to participate in one near them, or stage their own local visibility.  We would love to have a small army out there reminding the public of who is fleecing them.  There will be some sign making materials available, but please bring your own creative and personalized sign.

Let us know if you can make it and definitely, let us know if your own group has scheduled one in your town!  You know how much fun these kinds of things are!  Let's have fun and make a statement.


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