House Speaker William O’Brien And ALEC Are Official

House Speaker William O’Brien and ALEC Are Official

The hot headed Republican from Mont Vernon announced his new love in a letter published April 18, 2012 in the Nashua Telegraph. O’Brien and ALEC are officially in a relationship. While the two have been together for a good amount of time, the relationship appears to have heated up within the last week when O’Brien announced his plans to run for re-election. While some may see this as O’Brien just going for ALEC’s money, O’Brien insists the relationship is built on a mutual passion and interest. O’Brien makes a good point. As a couple, O’Brien and Alec have put together a blatant and hateful agenda out of step with New Hampshire values.

Democratic leader Ray Buckley had this to say in a statement released on Thursday, April 19th.

“O’Brien has corrupted the legislative process to pursue a radical Tea Party agenda out of step with New Hampshire values. An agenda aimed at:

  • Allowing guns on college campuses
  • Cutting higher education funding in half, while cutting the tobacco tax
  • Repealing a decade-old law guaranteeing access to contraception for women
  • Defunding Planned Parenthood
  • Passing new laws aimed at restricting choice and access to reproductive health care
  • Limiting the right to vote
  • Giving himself subpoena power
  • Attempting to repeal marriage equality
  • Waging war against public employees and worker’s rights to organize"

Read O’Brien’s announcement here.