Emergency Outage Planned From Farmington To Wakefield This Morning-Thursday April 5th

Emergency Outage Planned from Farmington to Wakefield on Thursday April 5th

Several towns spanning from Farmington to Wakefield will be impacted by an emergency planned outage on Thursday April 5th. The outage will affect approximately 7,500 customers and is scheduled to begin around 9 am. Customers in Brookfield, Farmington, Middleton, Milton, Milton Mills, New Durham, Sanbornville, and Wakefield will be impacted while crews de-energize lines in order to replace equipment on a series of utility poles in the area.

PSNH Line Crews spotted damaged equipment on the utility poles in the area during routine maintenance checks recently. It was determined that in order to safely replace the equipment, the lines would need to be de-energized while repairs are made. The brief outage is expected to last about 30 minutes, however if additional damage is discovered during the repairs the outage could last up to two hours.

 In anticipation of the outage, PSNH notified municipal officials and the media in order to alert customers.