NH Lawmakers To Vote On Marriage Equality Repeal Bill

This just in from Concord: this Wednesday, the New Hampshire House is scheduled to vote on the bill that would repeal the freedom to marry for same-sex couples in the Granite State (HB 437).
Now, marriage supporters like you have just one day to send the message loud and clear to your State Representatives: taking away freedoms is NOT the New Hampshire way.

Between now and Wednesday, we're joining with Standing Up for New Hampshire Families to show state legislators the strength of the grassroots movement to defend marriage equality in New Hampshire, and we need your help. 62% of Granite Staters support marriage for gay and lesbian couples. We've set a goal of generating 6,200 messages from New Hampshire voters asking their Representatives to oppose HB 437 by Wednesday morning.

Will you be one of the 6,200+ supporters who are defending marriage equality in New Hampshire this week? Take action now.
Opponents of marriage equality, led by the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage (NOM), have fully ramped up their scare tactic campaign - complete with deceiving mailers, bogus ads, robocalls, and well-funded lobbyists in Concord who are spreading lies about same-sex couples and their families.

You and I know what's really at stake here: loving and committed couples who just want to protect their families in the state they call home. Over 1,800 couples have married in New Hampshire since marriage equality became law in 2009. And now we only have less than three days to ensure that your State Representatives see through NOM's propaganda and oppose this harmful bill.

Sending 6,200 messages to Concord will let undecided Representatives know that if they do the right thing and vote NO on HB 437, their constituents will have their back.

But if we want to reach our goal we don't have any time to waste! Email your legislators now and then ask your friends to do the same to help us reach this critical milestone of 6,200 messages by Wednesday.

Defeating this attack on New Hampshire families won't be easy, but with thousands of supporters like you taking action today, we can stop NOM in their tracks.

Thanks for taking action,
Marty Rouse
Mary Rouse
National Field Director

P.S. Wednesday's vote is just the first crucial step; after the House votes, the bill will move to the Senate. Governor Lynch has already promised to veto this anti-family legislation, which means it's essential that we get enough votes to sustain his veto in the House and Senate. Contact your representative today!