Two NH Constitutional Amendments: CACR 6 And CACR 12

Call your Senator -- and Spread the Word!

On Wednesday, February 8th, the Senate will vote on two constitutional amendments: CACR 6 and CACR 12.

Between now and Tuesday night, please urge your Senator to
vote NO on CACR 6 (and to vote NO on Senator Bragdon's floor amendments, if he offers them); and
vote NO on CACR 12.

CACR 6 would require a legislative supermajority to approve any new or increased taxes. What that would do: it would restrict the Legislature's budgeting flexibility, tying their hands to the current revenue structure. It could also cause the bond rating agencies to drop New Hampshire's bond rating (as they have with some other states, due to supermajority requirements).

CACR 12 would leave school funding in the hands of the Legislature -- essentially making state funding for education optional in New Hampshire.

Contact information for your Senator is available through the links here.