Sign-Ups For Town Office Begin Today, End February 3rd 2012

Sign-ups for Town Office begin Wednesday, January 25th and end Friday, February 3rd.  The Town Clerk’s Office will be open regular office hours and from 2PM – 5PM on Friday, February 3rd for the acceptance of election filings.  
The following Offices are open:

2 Selectmen for 3 Years
3 Budget Committee Members for 3 Years
1 Treasurer for 1 Year
1 Trustee of Trust Funds for 3 Years
1 Supervisor of the Checklist for 6 Years
1 Moderator for 2 Years

The following School District Offices are also open:

1 School Board Member for 1 Year
1 School Board Member for 3 Years
1 School District Clerk for 1 Year
1 School District Treasurer for 1 year
1 School Moderator for 1 Year