Protect Marriage Equality In NH

Repeal Of Same-Sex Marriage Proposed To House

 Contact Your Legislators!

Efforts are already underway in the legislature to repeal New Hampshire’s popular 2009 law that allows gay and lesbian couples to marry. Each legislative session could be the day they spring a vote on us and we need to be fully prepared to fight back each time.

Take action now and let your state elected officials know that you oppose repeal by following this link to contact all your legislators about this issue. On the day of a vote use the"Current Officials" tab above to call legislators and tell them to support marriage for all the people of New Hampshire or send them e-mails reminding them of your stance and their duty to you. For some reason the site form incorrectly lists Cataldo and Pitre as Democrats. They are not, don't be fooled. In district three, Representative Bob Perry is the only Democrat on that list.

 For more information and resources about about marriage equality in New Hampshire, visit the Standing Up for New Hampshire Families site.