Help Support Local Workers

The NH Adjutant General's office is preparing to privatize the security function at Pease AFB. Currently, the security staff is 8 state employees covered under the collective bargaining agreement. These are armed guards protecting a sensitive national security asset.  The state (General Riddell and his staff, essentially) are saying that they can cover the security much less expensively with a private contractor.  

The current employees make about mid $30s with health and retirement benefits on top of the salary. There are no efficiency gains to be made with privatization, only a gain made by outsourcing to a corporation who will pay people less, offer no benefits and pocket the rest.  The General's staff has scored the bids and contractors and are waiting for him to return from El Salvador (no doubt where he's looking for a contractor to outsource the maintenance function on Pease!) to execute the contract.

The State Employee's Association is encouraging people to call the governor to protest this decision. Understand that Gov. Lynch is not making this decision, but he could have significant influence if he chooses to do so.  

Can you call Gov. Lynch and ask him to stop this initiative?  603.271.2121