General Voting Information For The Primary Tomorrow

Dear New Hampshire Democrat,

Tomorrow, January 10th is our first in the nation Presidential Primary and the first chance any voters in the country will have to support President Obama in 2012.  The choice couldn't be more clear as the Republicans fight for votes by running to the right of the Tea Party, while President Obama shares a vision for a job-creating economy that's built to last - one where had work pays, responsibility is rewarded, and everyone does their fair share and plays by the same rules.

But just like every election, mistruths about voting have spread like wild fire.  If you have any questions about where to vote or notice any irregularities at the polls, please call the state Democratic Party Office in Concord immediately at 603-225-6899 or email

To make sure there is no confusion here are a few important facts about voting.  More information can be found on the New Hampshire League of Women Voters' website.

·         Any registered Democratic or Independent/Undeclared voter can participate in the Democratic primary.

·         Any New Hampshire resident who will be 18 by the time of the 2012 general election in November can vote in the primary.

·         If you are not registered to vote yet, you may register at the polls on Tuesday.

·         There is no requirement that voters show an ID or other documentation prior to exercising their constitutional right to vote.  If you are asked to present an ID please call 603-225-6899.

Tomorrow, we take the first step towards the 2012 elections.  The countdown to victory in November begins Tuesday.

Ray Buckley

*The message tense and time has been updated.