Thank You

 Thank you to the 139 New Hampshire legislators who
stood strong to protect New Hampshire's families.

On Wednesday, November 30th, the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted to sustain Governor Lynch’s veto of HB474, the Right to Work( For Less) bill, adding New Hampshire to the list of states rejecting the right-wing attacks on workers and middle class families.

The following Representatives voted to support New Hampshire families for sustaining the veto of HB474:

Rep. James Aguiar (Grafton 6)
Rep. Susan Almy (Grafton 11)
Rep. Benjamin Baroody (Hillsborough 13)
Rep. Bernard Benn (Grafton 9)
Rep. Roger Berube (Strafford 2)
Rep. Peter Bolster (Belknap 5)
Rep. Candace Bouchard (Merrimack 11)
Rep. Julie Brown (Strafford 1)
Rep. Brendon Browne (Strafford 4)
Rep. William Butynski, (Cheshire 4)
Rep. Michael Buxton (Hillsborough 24)
Rep. Jacqueline Cali-Pitts (Rockingham 16)
Rep. David Campbell (Hillsborough 24)
Rep. Daniel Carr (Cheshire 4)
Rep. Cynthia Chase (Cheshire 3)
Rep. Brian Chirichiello (Rockingham 5)
Rep. John Cloutier (Sullivan 4)
Rep. Mary Cooney (Grafton 7)
Rep. Timothy Copeland (Rockingham 13)
Rep. David Cote (Hillsborough 23)
Rep. Gary Coulombe (Coos 4)
Rep. Jennifer Daler (Hillsborough 4)
Rep. Russell Day (Hillsborough 7)
Rep. Helen Deloge (Merrimack 12)
Rep. Stephen DeStefano (Merrimack 13)
Rep. James Devine (Rockingham 7)
Rep. Rich DiPentima (Rockingham 16)
Rep. Baldwin Domingo (Strafford 5)
Rep. Patricia Dowling (Rockingham 5)
Rep. Richard Dwinell (Cheshire 5)
Rep. Susan Emerson (Cheshire 7)
Rep. Robert Foose (Merrimack 1)
Rep. June Frazer (Merrimack 10)
Rep. Raymond Gagnon ( Sullivan 4)
Rep. Patrick Garrity (Hillsborough 14)
Rep. Kenneth Gidge (Hillsborough 24)
Rep. Mary Gile (Merrimack 10)
Rep. John Gimas (Hillsborough 12)
Rep. Philip Ginsburg (Strafford 7)
Rep. Jeffrey Goley (Hillsborough 8)
Rep. Mary Gorman (Hillsborough 23)
Rep. Franklin Gould (Grafton 11)
Rep. Anne Grassie (Strafford 1)
Rep. Laurie Harding (Grafton 11)
Rep. William Hatch (Coos 3)
Rep. Richard Hofemann (Strafford 6)
Rep. Dorothea Hooper (Strafford 5)
Rep. Gary Hopper (Hillsborough 7)
Rep. Timothy Horrigan (Strafford 7)
Rep. Kevin Janvrin (Rockingham 14)
Rep. Jean Jeudy (Hillsborough 10)
Rep. Gladys Johnsen (Cheshire 3)
Rep. Naida Kaen (Strafford 7)
Rep. Phyllis Katsakiores (Rockingham 5)
Rep. Thomas Katsiantonis (Hillsborough 15)
Rep. Sandra Keans (Strafford 1)
Rep. David Kidder (Merrimack 1)
Rep. J. David Knox (Carroll 4)
Rep. Rick Ladd (Grafton 5)
Rep. Thomas Laware (Sullivan 5)
Rep. Benjamin Lefebvre (Sullivan 1)
Rep. Peter Leishman (Hillsborough 3)
Rep. Alfred Lerandeau (Cheshire 6)
Rep. Nikolas Levasseur (Hillsborough 11)
Rep. Steven Lindsey (Cheshire 3)
Rep. Priscilla Lockwood (Merrimack 6)
Rep. Patrick Long (Hillsborough 10)
Rep. Patricia Lovejoy (Rockingham 13)
Rep. James MacKay (Merrimack 11)
Rep. Michael McCarthy (Hillsborough 21)
Rep. Betsy McKinney (Rockingham 3)
Rep. David Meader (Cheshire 3)
Rep. Evalyn Merrick (Coos 2)
Rep. Irene Messier (Hillsborough 17)
Rep. Alida Millham (Belknap 5)
Rep. Marcia Moody (Rockingham 12)
Rep. Sharon Nordgren (Grafton 9)
Rep. Terie Norelli (Rockingham 16)
Rep. Derek Owen (Merrimack 4)
Rep. Laura Pantelakos (Rockingham 16)
Rep. Henry Parkhurst (Cheshire 4)
Rep. Beatriz Pastor (Grafton 9)
Rep. Dick Patten (Merrimack 11)
Rep. Leo Pepino (Hillsborough 11)
Rep. Amy Perkins (Rockingham 14)
Rep. Lawrence Perkins (Rockingham 14)
Rep. Robert Perry (Strafford 3)
Rep. David Pierce (Grafton 9)
Rep. James Pilliod (Belknap 5)
Rep. Maurice Pilotte (Hillsborough 16)
Rep. Marjorie Porter (Hillsborough 1)
Rep. Frances Potter (Merrimack 10)
Rep. Mark Proulx (Hillsborough 15)
Rep. Marshall “Lee” Quandt (Rockingham 13)
Rep. Matt Quandt (Rockingham 13)
Rep. Peter Ramsey (Hillsborough 8)
Rep. Robin Read (Rockingham 16)
Rep. William Remick (Coos 2)
Rep. Brian Rhodes (Hillsborough 22)
Rep. Chip Rice (Merrimack 12)
Rep. Gary Richardson (Merrimack 4)
Rep. Herbert Richardson (Coos 2)
Rep. David Robbins (Hillsborough 26)
Rep. Jenna Roberts (Strafford 7)
Rep. Kris Roberts (Cheshire 3)
Rep. Cindy Rosenwald (Hillsborough 22)
Rep. Tara Sad (Cheshire 2)
Rep. Frank Sapareto (Rockingham 5)
Rep. Donna Schlachman (Rockingham 13)
Rep. Andrew Schmidt (Sullivan 1)
Rep. Peter Schmidt (Strafford 4)
Rep. Christopher Serlin (Rockingham 16)
Rep. Barbara Shaw(Hillsborough 16)
Rep. Stephen Shurtleff (Merrimack 10)
Rep. Suzanne Smith (Grafton 7)
Rep. Dale Spainhower (Strafford 2)
Rep. Judith Spang (Strafford 7)
Rep. Dale Sprague (Strafford 2)
Rep. Jeffrey St. Cyr (Belknap 5)
Rep. Kathleen Stroud (Hillsborough 19)
Rep. Daniel Sullivan (Hillsborough 8)
Rep. Bruce Tatro (Cheshire 6)
Rep. Ross Terrio (Hillsborough 14)
Rep. Robert Theberge (Coos 4)
Rep. John Tholl (Coos 2)
Rep. Yvonne Thomas (Coos 4)
Rep. Charles Townsend (Grafton 10)
Rep. Marc Tremblay (Coos 4)
Rep. James Waddell (Rockingham 15)
Rep. Janet Wall (Strafford 7)
Rep. Mary Jane Wallner (Merrimack 12)
Rep. Rick Watrous (Merrimack 12)
Rep. David Watters (Strafford 4)
Rep. James Webb (Rockingham 5)
Rep. Lucy Weber (Cheshire 2)
Rep. Charles Weed (Cheshire 3)
Rep. David Welch (Rockingham 8)
Rep. Andrew White (Grafton 11)
Rep. Robert Williams (Merrimack 11)

*Our thoughts are with Representatives Frank Case, Jim Powers and Tony Soltani, who opposed HB 474 but were unable to attend yesterday's session for health reasons. We wish them well.