A Message From Manny About The August 9th Special Election

Hello Fellow Democrats:

We have a Special Election coming up Tuesday, August 9, 2011.  You may remember Marty Harty who had to resign his seat, because when he said that all handicapped, disabled people should be sent to the American equivalent of Siberia where they could die.  We are now having a Special Election to replace Mr. Harty.  

The Democratic candidate is Bob Perry.  Bob is from Strafford and he has lived in New Hampshire for almost forty (40) years.  He has lived here most of his adult life.  He was a Court Reporter at the Carroll County Superior Court for many years.  He has been active in the Strafford Community and he has served two terms in the Legislature, so he knows his way around.  Bob is well-qualified.  In addition to being well qualified, Bob is a really good person.  He truly cares about people in New Hampshire and what is good for them.  He has put a lot of his energy into protecting our right to vote and to have fair elections.  

The person running against him is a Free Stater.  That means she is part of a group of Libertarians who agreed that 20,000 of them would move to New Hampshire, so they could change the New Hampshire Constitution, change our laws and lead us, whether we want to go or not, into their version of a Libertarian paradise.

I don’t mind that the Republican candidate moved here.  It is a mobile society and lots of us move.  I do mind that she came here with a bunch of other people for the specific purpose of telling us how to run our lives and changing things, so that we will have to run our lives the way she wants us to.  

This is an important election.  Not many people vote in Special Elections.  So, your vote will count heavily.  If you come to the polls and vote, we should win.  It is important to do that.  One, to keep New Hampshire for New Hampshire people and not turn it over to a people with a special agenda; and two because we want to have our voices heard.

I hope to see you at the polls on Tuesday, August 9, 2011.  If you need a ride, please call my office.  

Yours truly,