Farmington NH Dems Adopt-A-Spot

The Farmington NH Dems Adopt-A Spot is really looking good. If you haven't seen it yet, it is in the median strip at the juncture of Spring Street and Route 11. It's huge! Twenty five feet long. Wow! Getting compost into the site and digging all the holes for the plants were the hardest parts, as the site had never before been fully planted, so there was nothing in the median but the six inches of mulch, tarps and sand. We went to Cameron's Home and Garden Center, in Farmington, to pick up the plants and flowers. They were super helpful, especially Susan, who you can see in the photo below. It will take a few years for the perennials to fill in, but I think the wait will be worth it. Enjoy the photos of our spot below!

The Farmington greeting sign isn't part of our space, but our spot is off to the right of it.

A view from the front Route 11 side.

A rear view from Spring Street.

A rear close up view from Spring Street.

A side view, as seen from Spring Street.

The plant in the foreground of this shot is in the pea family and has beautiful purple flowers late in the season.

A Day Lily plant. They are salt and drought tolerant. 
We won't know the color until next year. I like floral surprises.

A Back-Eyed Susan. Can't wait to see the blooms.

The first of two containers. Filled with Dianthus, Asters, and .
 A pink Hollyhock. Great leaves and very pretty blooms.

A False Sunflower. A steady bloomer fro the summer.

The evergreen ground cover Pachysandra. This will help things fill in.

Marigolds grown from seed.
Took them a while to get this big.

Coneflower. Always a show stopper.

The evergreen groundcoverVinca, taken from an established clump.

A clump of Tigerlillies taken from an established bed..

The second container. Just as beautiful as the first.