HB 474, The So-Called "Right to Work" Bill- Only Hearing Today At 9AM

The Senate Commerce Committee will hold its only hearing on HB 474, the so-called "Right to Work" bill

Today, April 5
9:00 am
State House
Representatives' Hall 

Please attend this hearing and tell the Senate that it's time to stop attacking the middle class.  

"Right to Work" is WRONG for New Hampshire

HB 474 maximizes corporate profits at the expense of working families by manipulating the workforce into lower wages, poor benefits, and bad workplace conditions.  These things are all improved through collective bargaining.  HB 474 jeopardizes collective bargaining by weakening our unions.
Our economy needs middle-class jobs with benefits, not poorly-paid jobs with no security and no future.  HB 474 must be stopped.
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