Letter to the Editor in March 24 Edition of the Rochester Times

To the Editor:

I hope that all of the people who voted with the majority in the election will remember why they voted the way they did. I believe most people thought they were voting for smaller government that would interfere in their lives less; lower expenditures and a lower tax rate; and for jobs.

So far, we have the following: 1) on the smaller government, less interference ¿ a bill in the House of Representatives to create a new department, a State Defense Force. The original bill provided for a draft, but that was dropped. There is a bill that some people will not be granted the lawful benefits of marriage. There is a bill to control what cities, towns and other employers can put in their contracts. A bill to do random urine tests for drug screening for food stamps. So, if people who are laid off from Thomson Arms Center after 20 years get food stamps to help feed the family until they get another job, they may have to provide a urine sample to get food stamps.

Lower costs and taxes: Drug testing will cost $3,000,000 to $7,000,000 a year. The Defense Force, the sky is the limit, depending on the size. Repealing RGGI costs $12,000,000 with no hope for lower electric rates. Jobs: one new job has been created. The House hired an administrator to the Speaker, because he can't do it himself. Salary: $75,000. Cuts in State aid to cities and towns will push costs onto local budgets and raise property taxes. This will probably force more layoffs at the local level.

The list can go on. This is a sample. Remember why you voted the way you did, then check to see if you got what you voted for.

Emmanuel Krasner, Esquire


Letters to the Editor 3/24/2011