@TheStateHouse: Your Week in Review

This information below was re-posted here from the newsletter of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.

Earlier in the week, Republicans were on the attack once again. Not only did they go after public kindergarten, but the also voted to force the Attorney General to join the federal lawsuit against national health insurance reform. But that was just through Wednesday!

The Job Killing Repeal of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
On Thursday, Republicans took aim at the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. RGGI has not only created scores of jobs in New Hampshire, but it has also lowered the state's energy consumption by the equivalent of nearly 1,500 households. That saves money for New Hampshire families and small businesses.

Additionally, repeal of RGGI would have a substantially negative impact on state finances and cost taxpayers money. Regardless of New Hampshire's involvement, neighboring states will continue to participate, maintaining current energy market prices. But New Hampshire will no longer be eligible to share in the proceeds from the regional auction, estimated at a minimum of 13 million dollars.

During just its first twenty four months, RGGI has created jobs, reduced pollution, and saved taxpayer money. Repealing this program would hurt our New Hampshire's economy and harm our state's beautiful natural resources. Be sure to write to your legislator today to tell them to vote against the job-killing repeal of RGGI!

What's Next?

The Republicans Right to Ruin the Middle Class
This week, an amendment on "so-called" Right-To-Work bill was pushed through the House Labor, Industrial and Rehabilitative Services Committee too quickly. This amendment never went before the subcommittee, and will instead go straight to the floor next week. This amendment will drastically change the "Right-To-Work" bill. The amendment will radically downshift costs, and as a result cities and towns will have to pay more and create chaos within the workplace, at default budget and town meeting deliberations.

This bill would be devastating to working families and the middle class, and would hurt wages, health care, and employee security.

It will be coming to the floor of the House for debate next Tuesday, and we hope you will come out and show your support for the labor movement.

How Low Can You Go? Say Goodbye to the Minimum Wage in New Hampshire!
Next Tuesday, Republicans will continue their attack on working people when they vote on the repeal of New Hampshire's minimum wage law. Democrats proudly instituted the first increase in over a decade just a couple of years ago, but its existence is now in serious jeopardy. During these tough economic times, the last thing we need to do is to set the precedent that New Hampshire does not want to have their own minimum wage--it sends the wrong message to those who are struggling to heat their homes, pay their bills, and take care of their families.

Please be sure to email the members of the House Labor committee and tell them to keep New Hampshire's minimum wage law in tact!

It is Groundhog Day All Over Again.
Another week, another attempt by state Republicans to dismantle national health insurance reform. HB 619-FN, which will be heard next Tuesday, February 15th in the Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee (Room 302 of the LOB), would force New Hampshire to opt out of the historic law, leaving seniors, the sick, children, and Americans with preexisting conditions out in the cold. Please show your support for health insurance reform by showing up next week to tell the Republicans to stop railing against those in need, and start focusing on jobs and the economy!

Ignoring New Hampshire's Longstanding Tradition of Rejecting Discrimination and Promoting Equality.

Just because a UNH poll was released today showing that only 29% of the people of New Hampshire support the repeal of Marriage Equality, doesn't mean Republicans are going to embrace reality. There will be a hearing on ignoring our longstanding tradition of rejecting discrimination and promoting equality on February 17th at 10:30 am in Representatives Hall. Please show-up and support marriage equality and Granite State families!

But there is so much more! To view the entire House calendar, please click here.

Don't Forget the ABC's of the New Hampshire House
ITL means "Inexpedient To Legislate". If the full House or full Senate votes to ITL a bill, then the bill is defeated.
OTP means "Ought to Pass" meaning that a committee is recommending that a bill be passed.
Consent Calendar: If a bill receives a unanimous recommendation from a committee, the committee may place the bill on the Consent Calendar. When full House meets, the first vote taken is to approve all recommendations on all bills in the consent calendar. This allows the House to quickly dispense with non-controversial bills and move on to topics that need discussion. If any legislator requests that a bill be removed from the consent calendar, then it will be removed and it will be brought up for discussion and a vote along with the other non-consent calendar bills.
Resolutions: Sometimes the House, the Senate or both will pass resolutions. These are just public statements of opinion or interest, but they have no legal standing. It is similar to issuing a press release. HCR is a House resolution. HJR is a joint resolution (both House and Senate) that originates in the House.
LOB refers to the Legislative Office Building, which is immediately behind the statehouse. Most committee hearings are held in this building.
Reps Hall refers to Representatives Hall in the Statehouse where the House of Representatives meet. This room is used for hearings that are expected to be very large. It is also used on session days.

Join the Discussion!

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Finally, if you need help looking up legislation or using the NH.gov website, please contact Gene Martin at gmartin@nhdp.org.

Ray Buckley
State Democratic Party Chair