Call for Support: New Hampshire Peace Action

We have an opportunity to act in support of New Hampshire Peace Action. Will Hopkins has asked that we contact our Representatives to the Democratic National Committee and ask them to support a Resolution being sponsored by Representative Barbara Lee that calls for rapid withdrawal of American combat forces from Afghanistan. Representative Lee will ask the Democratic National Committee to adopt that as the policy of the Democratic Party. The vote will be a week from this coming Saturday when the Democratic National Committee meets.

Our two Committee Representatives are Kathy Sullivan and Peter Burling.

Kathy can be reached by e-mail at
Peter Burling can be reached at

Please consider sending each of them,a brief email asking them to support the Resolution. or could also call each of them, if you have a phone number, and ask that they support Barbara Lee’s Resolution. When you contact them, it would be helpful if you identify yourself as being from Progressive New Hampshire.

For more information on NH Peace Action, visit