Two #FarmingtonNH Residents Running As Dems For NH State Legislature

There will be two people running for the New Hampshire State Legislature as Democrats this year! 
Dorinda Howard, formerly Dorinda Kelley, and Emmanuel “Manny” Krasner both filed for office on June 8. Dorinda is a lifelong Farmington resident. She is a retired librarian who served as Head Librarian at the Goodwin Library in Farmington before moving on in her career. Manny is recently retired from his law practice in downtown Farmington after more than 40 years. He is currently Chair of the Farmington Trustees of Trust Funds, and has served as Town Moderator, and both Secretary and Chair of the Planning.Board.
The;y are both committed to doing what is best for their community beginning with stopping the shifting of State responsibilities onto the local property tax payer. Relief from the high, and rising property rate for local property tax payers will be their highest priority.