SCOTUS Vote To Overturn Roe v Wade Analysis, Protests, Forecasting #Archive


US supreme court overturns abortion rights, upending Roe v Wade

US top court overturns landmark 1973 decision, upending nearly five decades of abortion access in the country.

Supreme Court wipes away constitutional guarantee of abortion rights, overturning half century of precedent.

A state-by-state look at abortion laws in America

 Supreme court voted to overturn Roe v Wade abortion law, leaked draft opinion reportedly shows

The ruling removes federal protections for abortion, sending questions of legality to individual US states.

Contraception, gay marriage: Clarence Thomas signals new targets for supreme court 

 Protesters at U.S. Supreme Court decry abortion ruling overturning Roe v. Wade

 Abortion rights protests resume Saturday across Los Angeles

 ‘A mockery of democracy’: US supreme court in question after abortion ruling

 How to support abortion access in a post-Roe America

 Tech firms under pressure to safeguard user data as abortion prosecutions loom

 ‘It will be chaos’: 26 states in US will ban abortion if supreme court ruling stands

Abortion deserts: America’s new geography of access to care – mapped

Supreme court abortion law leak: what happened and why does it matter?

Reuters: Gay marriage, other rights at risk after U.S. Supreme Court abortion move.

Roe v. Wade live updates: Protests rage on over leaked abortion ruling

Fallout swells over leaked Supreme Court draft threatening Roe v. Wade; more protests expected

 Protesters march through Atlanta over leaked US Supreme Court draft opinion on Roe v. Wade

Protests swell across major cities as US reckons with supreme court decision draft – as it happened

Protesters downtown demand protection of abortion rights

LAPD, protesters clash downtown after rally against overturning of Roe vs. Wade Alito's abortion history lesson in dispute.

To Reasonable Rational People counseling calm about abortion: Aaaarrggh!. Reproductive rights rally at UNH.

Privacy groups warn about data-tracking if Roe is overturned-Experts say smartphone data could be used to monitor people seeking abortions.

NBC News: Black women in the South have been bracing for Roe’s fall for decades.

Who was Matthew Hale, the 17th-century jurist Alito invokes in his draft overturning Roe?

'Keep your bans off our bodies': Abortion-rights groups set to rally Saturday from DC to Los Angeles