Farmington Representative Is OK With People Dying of COVID-19

Representative Joe Pitre

Farmington Representative, Joe Pitre, makes news with comment urging back to normalcy while New Hampshire has one of the highest per capita incidents of COVID-19 patients. Watch the story on WMUR.

'Are some people going to die? Possibly'; Some lawmakers call for return to Representatives Hall  Updated: 5:38 PM EST Dec 7, 2021

WMUR Political Director, Adam Sexton, reports Pitre saying, "Are some people going to die? Possibly. But what are the counter effects if you don't get back together and go back to normal?" 

The consequences, Mr. Pitre, is that people will not get sick and possibly die.  The saving of lives should be a Representatives main concern.  But apparently, Mr. Pitre would rather people die than be inconvenienced while performing his duty to them.

Elections have consequences.  Remember that, come November. We need Representatives in Farmington to be motivated by helping our people, not serving their conspiracy laden ideologies.