A Tribute For Susan Bruce By @pchowder & Others WNHMFM - Memorial Fundraiser

A tribute for Susan Bruce will be held today Sunday,  August 29th at  2PM, via livstream on wnhnfm.org with Arnie Arnesen.

Many of her closest friends have also set up a fundraiser, For the Love of Luce, explained below:

 Susan Bruce was a NH treasure: writer extraordinaire, passionate activist, loyal friend, and all-around mensch! She appreciated her Scottish heritage and identified herself as Susan The Bruce on her blog.

Above all, she loved her granddaughter, “The Luce,” with the joy, pride, and hope that only a grandmother can provide.

We lost Susan much too soon. Her daughter Jessica is navigating the loss of her beloved mother. We know that Jessica and Lucy will appreciate - and something in which Susan would have delighted - is a fund to help Lucy with her education and independence goals after she graduates from high school.

We have established a UTMA (UniformTransfers to Minors) custodial account. Ed Butler & Susi Nord, good friends of Susan's, will be the custodians.

Please help us send Susan's spirit a message that we love and honor her, in this assurance that we will contribute to the care of her precious “The Luce” in a concrete way that matters. 


Go to the GoFundMe page for For the Love of Luce! 


To watch the Tribute to Susan Bruce anytime go to:



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