MAGA Domestic Terrorists Attack & Occupy Capitol Building In DC -Archive

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 Violent MAGA Supporters Riot In DC, Storm Capitol, Loot, Destroy & Disrupt

 MAGA Mob Riots In D.C. For Desperate, Election-Losing Donald Trump

US Capitol in lockdown as Trump supporters clash with police-tear gas fired


Rioters Breach Nancy Pelosi's Offices, Put Feet On Desks, Leave Menacing Note

Pro-Trump mob storms Capitol as former DC police chief denounces 'coup attemp

Maga mob's Capitol invasion makes Trump's assault on democracy literal

Manufacturing group urges Pence to "seriously consider" invoking 25th Amendment, slams "armed thugs" who swarmed Capitol 

Lawmakers Call To Impeach Trump, Accuse Him Of Inciting Capitol Riot

CNBC: U.S. trade group asks VP Pence to 'seriously consider' invoking 25th Amendment to remove Trump.

Washington Post Editorial Board Demands That Trump’s Cabinet Remove Him

CNN: Rioters breached US Capitol security on Wednesday. This was the police response when it was Black protesters on DC streets last year.

Trump tells mob that stormed Congress 'we love you' as Biden condemns 'siege

Trump Calls For Rioters To ‘Stay Peaceful’ After Encouraging Them To Storm Capitol

CNN: Police clearing pro-Trump mob from US Capitol after rioters stormed halls of Congress.


Twitter and Facebook lock Donald Trump’s accounts after video address

Trump adviser resigns and two other senior officials consider quitting -Deputy national security adviser Matt Pottinger steps down after mob of Trump supporters storm US Capitol

DC mayor extends public emergency to 15 days after four people confirmed dead amid violence at the Capitol

Maga v BLM: how police handled the Capitol mob and George Floyd activists – in pictures

'White privilege on display': police hypocrisy condemned after pro-Trump insurgence 

Republicans Condemn Violent Insurrection At The Capitol They Helped Foment

These Black Capitol Police Officers Describe Fighting Off "Racist Ass Terrorists" Two Black officers told BuzzFeed News that their chief and other upper management left them totally unprepared and were nowhere to be found on the day.

NBC News: FBI, NYPD told Capitol Police about possibility of violence before riot, senior officials say

Daily Mail: Nashville bartender carrying zipties and Army officer with plastic handcuffs are arrested for riot

Daily Mail: Proud Boys leader Nicholas Ochs who shared photo of himself smoking in Capitol arrested in Hawai

NPR: Ex-Capitol Police Chief Says Requests For National Guard Denied 6 Times In Riots

Thousands Of Lawyers, Law Students Call For Sens. Hawley And Cruz To Be Disbarred

Parler goes offline after Amazon drops it due to violent content

GOP Congressman Told Crowd To 'Lightly Threaten' Lawmakers: 'I'm Coming After You 70TB of Parler users' data leaked by security researchers

Salon: QAnon congresswoman who live-tweeted Nancy Pelosi's location to rioters now facing calls for arrest

Twitter Bans 70,000+ Accounts That Spread QAnon Conspiracy Theories

The Guardian: Army investigates psyops officer for role in Washington on day of Capitol riot

HOUSE MEMBERS WARNED: THREE NEW MOB THREATS - House Democrats Briefed On 3 Terrifying Plots To Overthrow Government - One plot includes surrounding the Capitol and murdering Democrats to allow Republicans to take control of the government.

Deutsche Bank joins companies cutting ties with Donald Trump - Bank had propped up Trump Organization for years despite being sued by president but acted after Capitol attack

Feds Indict Alabama Man Who Brought Molotov Cocktails To U.S. Capitol

Son Of Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge Arrested In Connection With Capitol Riot

CNN: How key states plan to secure their capitol buildings ahead of possible armed pro-Trump protests

YouTube suspends Trump channel from uploading new content for seven days

Top US military leaders condemn Capitol attack in rare joint message

Riots, effigies and a guillotine: Capitol attack could be a glimpse of violence to come

First Thing: More Republicans join anti-Trump rebellion as impeachment looms

'Stop the Steal' Organizer Says Several GOP Congressmen Helped Plan the Rally

Rep. Mikie Sherrill says Congress members gave 'reconnaissance' tours day before Capitol raid

DC protester arrested with 11 Molotov cocktails, several guns had list of 'good guys,' 'bad guys': DOJ

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thought she 'was going to die' during Capitol attack-New York congresswoman said on Instagram Live she had a ‘very close encounter’ that put her life at risk

Online Police Communities Are Rife With Conspiracies And Support For The Capitol Riot

ABC News: Amazon reveals violent content, death threats that led to Parler's suspension