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Portland Demonstrators Ordered Not to Protest Again as Condition of Release from Jail

— AJ+ (@ajplus) October 26, 2020 target="_blank">An Air Force Special Operations Surveillance Plane Is Lurking Near Portland During Federal Crackdown

“The law applies to the president of the United States, even though he doesn’t think so. The law applies to law enforcement. The law applies to civilians. It is real simple,” Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner

Court documents reveal secretive federal unit deployed for 'Operation Diligent Valor' in Oregon

New Amnesty Map Documents 'Shocking Extent' of US Police Violence Against Black Lives Matter Protesters

A new Trump campaign ad depicting a police officer being attacked by protesters is actually a 2014 photo of pro-democracy protests in Ukraine
America Gets an Interior Ministry-President Trump is cobbling together something the United States has never had before—a national police force, used to quell protests.

Trump Unleashes His Secret Police in Portland

The Feds Have A Long History Of Snatching People Up. Only Now They Are Targeting Middle-Class White People

'It is serious and intense': white supremacist domestic terror threat looms large in US

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