What Is AntiFa? Learn About Being Anti-fascist

What is AntiFa? Simply put AntiFa or Anti-Fascist is an idea, ideology, or loose unconnected movement. It is not a group or organization that can be joined. It has no leadership and no membership.

In the U.S. the thought behind being AntiFa is that fascism is bad, even evil, if you believe in that construct, and therefore, white supremacists, separatists, & militia groups, & neo-nazis, which are all inherently fascist, are bad or evil. AntiFa thought opposes white supremacists, separatists, & militia groups, & neo-nazis and hopes that those ideologies all are eventually pushed further and further to the fringes of society, until they don't exist as active ideas or ideologies at all.

Fascists, like the Nazis in Germany during the Second World War, have been defeated before. Everyone who values AntiFa ideology is moving to deactivate or defeat fascism here in America. Anti-Fascists don't want fascism in the world anywhere, because where it takes root, it always spreads to other regions.

A white supremacist group infiltrated Tampa's George Floyd protest last night