Protect The US Postal Service

From Rep Ro Khanna:

"The post office is in danger of running out of funds due to COVID-19 — but privatization isn't the answer.

Instead let's pass postal banking to generate revenue and overturn the law requiring the USPS to prefund all retiree health benefits through 2056."

The U.S. Postal Service Has Never Been More Important, or More Endangered

The Postal Service Deserves a Permanent Bailout

USPS Says It Will Become Insolvent Without Gov’t Help, But Trump Refuses To Help

Column: Trump again attacks the U.S. Postal Service with lies 

If the US Postal Service fails, rural America will suffer the most

U.S. Postal Service Tops List Again as Americans’ Favorite Government Agency

Trump's war against the Postal Service could have another casualty: tens of thousands of military 

veterans with disabilities

Far from a loser, post office is a money-making operation

Congress Must Stand Up to the White House and Deliver Relief to the Postal Service

How do you know voting by mail works? The U.S. military's done it since the Civil War

Top Republican fundraiser and Trump ally named postmaster general, giving president new influence over Postal Service


SIGN Fully Fund the United States Postal Service

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