For The Archive-2019 #FarmingtonNH Election & Town Meeting Results

See the attached photos for the election day results and to see how each of the articles from that day were either voted up or down.

Article 15, that got cut off when scanned, didn't pass- y 244, n 276, blank 39-Tim and Sylvia did a straw pull for their tie and Sylvia won. Tim has said he is not contesting.

Article 6 concerning $77,000 for a school bus also got cut off when I scanned y 334, n 209, blank 16.

For Town Meeting, which lasted about 4.5 hours, almost all the articles passed. Article 5, for the pumper truck, Article 10, for the optional fiscal year, and Article 23, which essentially became null and void once 22 and 24 passed, were those that did not pass.

Lots of reasons to celebrate!