#FarmingtonNH -Who & What Should I Cast Votes For On March 12th & March 13th? By Kyle Leach

As I am sure you know, both the Town Elections are coming up on Tuesday March 12th and Town Meeting on March 13th.

There are not many contested races this time. Here is how I pan to vote on some of the most important races:

On the Town side for SelectBoard, I would recommend supporting Paula Proulx and WRITE IN Martin Stanley. That means you have to write his name in the space you have selected for a second selectperson.

On the Town side for Budget Committee I would suggest reelecting Sylvia Arcouette. I would also suggest electing Jeremy Squires and Chad York; some new ideas and new thinking would be good on the Budget Committee.

On the School side please vote for Joel Chagnon and Angie Cardinal. Angie has my vote. So does Joel. Please elect both of them. They have added so much to the School Board and both care deeply about the students and educational opportunities in our town. Keeping Angie on the School Board also allows her to serve on the New Hampshire School Boards Association Board of Directors; one must serve on their local school board to be a part of that board.

I  also hope you will give support to the full school budget. The voters turned out for the Deliberative Session in February, after budget season, debated the school articles, and voted to approve the school budget amount on the ballot. I think we need to honor this extended, muti-step process, and vote as the School Board and legislative body directed.

Please vote "NO" against Article 15. This petition would change the system of check and balances in horrible ways. The budget committee is supposed to be a checking force on the budget for the Town and on the School Board. It is not supposed to be a substitute for those boards, in this case the way the warrant is written, for the School Board.

We really need you to turn out for Town Meeting on Wednesday night. The meeting starts at 7pm, so get there early. This will be a long meeting. Please be prepared for that. 

We will need all hands on deck to vote "YES" in favor of Article 9 -increasing the solar exemption to equal whatever the value of the solar installation someone may have on their roof or in their yard. Very important in making the green energy push affordable.

I would also suggest supporting the efforts of the Farmington Fireman's Relief Association to purchase a new engine to keep Farmington's ISO rating evaluation from pushing the Town's score down. Our firefighters say we need this equipment and have provided ample evidence to support this purchase. See their explanation below in the embedded Fbook post.

Here is a quick view of what I've just said plus the other positions I did not speak about: 

Farmington Board of Selectmen

2019 Candidates:  Electing 2 members of the Selectboard (3 year terms).
Paula Proulx
Martin Stanley (Write In)
Farmington Budget Committee

2019 Candidates:  Electing 4 members (3 year terms, )
Sylvia Arcouette (3 year term)
Jeremy Squires (3 year term)
Chad  York (3 year term)

2019 Candidates:  Electing 2 members (3 year terms)
Angela Cardinal
Joel Chagnon
Other Town and School Offices
Debra Pate  Town Treasurer
Debra Reed Trustee of Trust Funds 3 Years
Emmanuel Krasner Trustee of Trust Funds 1 Year
Kathy Seaver Town Clerk-Tax Collector
Kathy Seaver School District Clerk
Michael Morin School District Moderator

Have a good week everyone!

Kyle Leach